At a glance

Society for Social Service (SSS ), in the development arena, is a national-level non-government organization, got establishment in 1986 through eternal efforts of a group of dedicated and like-minded individuals. In the transit of more than three decades, SSS, following inclusive and innovative methodologies, wends with attachment of a range of welfare and people-friendly activities into implementation, which are devoted to generate sustainable development in the family and society.


Target People

In the working periphery, people from the segment of underprivileged families, but willing to pull out self-progress and laid on a defined ordered, are the target-people (group members) of SSS.

As on 30 June 2019, at the grassroots, a total of 652,726 families are included in the organization as group member, wherein 634,919 females, 15,534 males and 2,273 children are direct beneficiaries. In macro-level reflection, the services and activities of SSS are making nearly 50 million people gain directly and indirectly as well.


Since the very beginning, SSS, with creativity, has been putting a set of activities into implementation to alleviate poverty along with ameliorating socioeconomic situation. To bring about the best alternative utilization of assets and feasibilities and create employment opportunity, SSS adopted financial services into application as key activities. Concurrently, to attain sound development in the family and society, the organization designed some poverty eradicative activities into implementation with the innovative approach. Figure-1.2 shows the major activities of SSS.


As on 30 June 2019, the human-resources of SSS is arranged with 4,283 personnel, where in the feature of gender there are 1,072 females and 3,211 males. Of them, in term of regularization 4,020 are regular and 263 project staff.


Working Area