History of SSS

Society for Social Service (SSS), in the development arena, is a national-level non-government organization, got establishment in 1986 through eternal efforts of a group of dedicated and like-minded individuals. In the transit of more than three decades, SSS, following inclusive and innovative methodologies, wends with attachment of a range of welfare and people-friendly activities into implementation, which are devoted to generate sustainable development in the family and society.

Legal Status

The legal strata of the organization are appended in below table:

Sl. Registration Authority Registration Number Date Comments
1. NGO Affairs Bureau 0345 30-01-90 Renewed on: 05-08-19
2. Joint Stock Company S-3576 (365) 29-01-04  
3. Microcredit Regulatory Authority (MRA) 00645-01002-00025 05-09-07  

Micro-credit Activities

Since the very beginning, SSS, with creativity, has been putting a set of activities into implementation to alleviate poverty along with ameliorating socioeconomic situation. To bring about the best alternative utilization of assets and feasibilities and create employment opportunity, SSS adopted financial services into application as key activities. 

Income Generating Activity is the focal strength in the development sector. Capital and financial services take the all factors of production into coordination, where into values are added in every stage. In the third world countries, the scenario is—the formal banking sector does not offer financial services to the underprivileged people in principle. Nevertheless, to augment enrichment in all stairs, the best and synchronized utilization of assets and opportunities are essential, wherein financial services are crucial catalyst. SSS, to provide financial services to the disadvantaged people, launched financial services-oriented program into operation in 1991.

Concurrently, to attain sound development in the family and society, the organization designed some poverty eradicative activities–Fish-culture Extension Program, Agriculture Extension Program, Livestock Development Program, ENRICH Program, Nation-building through Eradicating Malnutrition (NEM) Program, Health Program, Education and Child Development Program, Training Program, Disaster Management Program, Human-resources Development Department, Publication Activities, Social Development and Welfare Activities, Begging Eradication Program, Uplifting the Quality of the Lives of the Elderly People Program, Networking Activities and so on into implementation with the innovative approach.