Savings Activities

To accelerate development, augmentation of assets and capacities are predominant parameter. A schematic amount of income and assets not to consume accumulates savings, that is directly turned into capital and fosters the economy. As a part of strategy to raise economic growth of the target families, the organization initiated savings activities, whose prime objectives are:  to encourage the people towards savings, uplift assets and efficiency at every-stage and reduce unanticipated risk. The adjacent figure holds the variety of savings and its general policies as well.



As on June 2019, the group members put TK. 814.42 crore into deposit in the organization, which is a factor to accumulate capital, enhance investment and reduce risks. Figure-2.3 enlightens the analysis of savings outstanding of last five years, comes out the information—the savings outstanding is always upward-trended, what points out trust and affection of the populace to the organization are in rising and well-off position. In this approach, the employment opportunity of assets and feasibilities of the country is getting function along with production and development circle is in swiftness.