Remittance Transfer Activities

Overseas employment has deepest significant in the national economy. The family members of the emigrated people would like to get remitted money easily, but the remittance transfer systems are urban-based. As a result, the clients from reach-to-hard area face with time, communication, formalities etcetera constrains. SSS, with the core objective–hand over the remittance to the clients very fast, introduced remittance transfer activities on 16 July 2011 and extended the program to the entire working area. In this field, the organization plays role as a partner of Southeast Bank Limited and City Bank Limited through the mother organizations: Western Union, Express Money, RIA and Money-gram.


In 2018-19, remittance transfer program accomplished 5,261 transactions with Tk. 18.75 crore. This program provides the advantages of receiving remittance easily to the clients at their doorsteps, especially, the elderly persons, women and others from hard-to-reach localities take up the remitted money without formalities. As a result, they can meet their need properly, that mobilizes the economic activities and removes deadlock little by little.