Shurakhha (Security Fund Activities)

Surakhha Fund Program of SSS, a mutual contributory fund of the group-members, has designed to meet the credit risk incurred from the death of the borrowers and extend financial assistance to them in various welfare activities, imposing payment of one percent on per thousand credit disbursement to the borrowers of Jagoron, Agrasor, Sufolon and other products and a half (0.5) percent of Buniad. Every member under the credit program of the organization deserves the facilities of this program, which are mentioned below:


  • Exemption of repayable credit on the death of a member or his or her nominee (Main Guardian).
  • Payment of Tk. 7,000 for funeral rites of any group-member.
  • Providing a grant of Tk. 7,000 for four types of operations: caesarean delivery, gallbladder stone operation, hysterectomy and appendicitis of the group-members.
  • Providing financial support for the expensive treatment, education of children, wedding, residence improvement, sudden death of family member etcetera of the target people.

In 2021-22, total assistance provided to the beneficiaries from the found was Tk. 33.63 crore and till the margin of the reporting period, the balance of the found stood at Tk. 144.28 crore as well.