Insurance (Security Fund Activities)

Insurance (Security Fund Activities)

Risk is present in both life and assets, which can easily be handled through mutual contribution—security fund activity. It holds up the investment environment and is supportive to tackle down the unexpected hazards, whose consequence is: the dimension of economic activities goes with progress and the gateway of enrichment gets opened. This kind initiative    functions as a safeguard of death risk of the borrowers along with providing financial assistance in the various welfare activities, where every member under the credit program of the organization deserves the facilities of this fund, which are described below:


  • Exemption of repayable credit on the death of a member or his or her nominee.
  • Payment of Tk. 5,000 for funeral ritual of a dead member.
  • Payment of Tk. 5,000 for four types of operations: caesarean delivery, gallbladder stone, hysterectomy and appendicitis.
  • Paying up special financial support for expensive treatment, education, marriage, house repairing, immature death and so forth to the group members.


In 2018-19, the contribution of the group members to the security fund is Tk. 33.36 crore, where Tk. 24.3o crore is paid out on the selected components. As on June 2019, the outstanding of the fund comes at the amount of Tk. 90.01 crore. Figure-2.4 depicts the component-wise spending of the security fund activities in 2018-19. This program reduces the burden of credit of the deceased families and the risk of the organization, which makes both the borrower families and the organization benefit.