Charity and Welfare Activities

The Charity and Welfare Program of SSS, following social responsibility and humanity viewpoint,  has been erecting up a wide range of activities to engender constructive outcomes in favor of creating a way and environment of putting the destitute families into well-off circle, which directly and indirectly take the root of development with longevity.

Initiatives under the program of the organization are comprised of providing grant-at-aid to the underprivileged families for expensive treatment, disaster and rehabilitation, daughters marriage, educational expenses and so on; extending financial supports for the social infrastructure development, especially–paving up and repairing roads, culverts and bridges, installing public toilets and tube-wells, establishing schools, colleges, madrasas and mosques, purchasing furniture and equipments and the like; paying up financial assistance to the sports and cultural activities of different organizations and educational institutes, particularly–observance of national and international days, arrangement of sports, cultural, religious, traditional events and festivals and so forth; and eradicating begging in selected area.

Till 30 June 2022, Tk. 20.18 crore was granted under the program.