Disaster Management, Relief and Rehabilitation Programme

Disaster Management Program

Disaster is a great obstacle on the way of development. The people cannot control disaster, but the unexpected destructions and losses from disaster can be reduced by adopting preparations and precautions. In this way, the development stream becomes dynamic and strong.  SSS has been implementing disaster management program for a long time for the welfare of the members and their families. The program has mainly been put into implementation to swell up the disaster awareness, precautions and post disaster rehabilitations.


The vision of the disaster management program is: to protect the members and their families from destructive clutch of disaster, conduct post-disaster reliefs, healthcare and rehabilitations very fast, protect assets-capabilities and keep the way of enrichment active.


Objectives & Methodology

  • Increasing disaster precaution and preparation among the target people;
  • Ensuring post-disaster reliefs, healthcare, rehabilitation and reducing the losses;
  • Giving priority to the children, women and handicapped persons in providing relief and rehabilitation;
  • Providing special financial support to the disaster-affected families to protect their assets and development.



SSS, as a part of inclusive sustainable development, has been implementing disaster management program. A number of activities were kept into operation under the program in 2018-19. The important activities under the program are as follows:

Precaution and Awareness-building Activities: The workers of SSS make the members aware about the unexpected disasters, especially in the weekly group meetings before the disaster. The topics of discussion include: nature of disasters, precautions and post-disaster responsibilities. They also put importance on food and nutrition, health management, special care of children, old men and women, protection of assets and capabilities and so on after disaster.

Relief and Rehabilitation Activities: SSS always stands by the disaster-stricken members with reliefs and grants. It also provides them with necessary food, clothes and medicines and organizes demand-based free medical camps. Along with the members, SSS affords support and services to the families in the disaster affected area. By and large, SSS conducts the activities after natural calamities such as excessive rainfall, drought, cyclone, tidal waves, flood, biting cold and fire-accident.

Disaster Management Credit

Apart from providing reliefs and grants, SSS also disburses flexible credits among the disaster-stricken members, which is known as disaster management credit. With the credit money, target families rehabilitate themselves and continue with their livelihood. The credit amount fixes between Tk. 5,000 to Tk. 10,000. The annual service charge is four percent. Payback period of the credit is maximum two years based on the duration and destruction of the disaster.


The disaster management program, undoubtedly a welfare and development-friendly function, is helpful to overcome misfortune, which encourage people to go ahead to the enrichment.

In 2018-19, SSS spent Tk. 39.80 lac on the disaster relief and grants activities, which benefitted a total of 445 families. Among them 120 families got Tk. 36 lac as grants money, who lost their home-stead by river erosion. On the other hand, all over situation of the country was sound and suitable in the recently departed fiscal year, therefore, the target people did not need too much financial support and disaster management credit.