Disaster Management, Relief and Rehabilitation

SSS, in the intention of coping with the disasters and retaining the economic activities effectively, carries out various programs and projects related to disaster management, relief and rehabilitation, which stay the target people alive with their income generating activities. The program initiatives of the organization under the theme are Disaster Management Program, Extended Community and Climate Change Project-Flood (ECCP-Flood), which put the functions–making aware and prepare, allocating reliefs and grants, arranging medical camps, providing soft credit, raising homestead, setting up flood-resistant tube-wells and sanitary latrines, extending high-valued agricultural technology, and so on into implementation.


Disaster Management Program:

SSS, aiming at reducing the destruction and saving the lives of the catastrophic stricken people, has been implementing disaster management program for the welfare of the group-members for a long time, which in a real sense come forward with relief and rehabilitation assistance to tackle down the unexpected misery and losses. Both manmade and natural disasters ruin the assets and lives and fluctuate our economy and development growth.

The organization makes the target people aware about the unexpected disasters, especially in the weekly group meetings before the disaster, as a result preparedness and precautions decrease damages, save the lives and hold up the prosperity of them.  Likewise, SSS always stands by the disaster-stricken members with reliefs and grants. It also provides them with necessary food, clothes, medicines and soft loan (disaster management credit) and organizes need-based free medical camps. Along with the members, SSS affords support and services to the other families in the disaster affected area.

In 2021-22, SSS spent Tk. 3.75 crore on relief and rehabilitation activities.