Poultry and Livestock Resource Development Programme

Livestock, one of the most important sectors of our economy, is a reliable source of protein from very beginning to date for the human being. This sector upholds a vital role in family and national enrichment, especially in poverty alleviation, employment creation and food security. SSS, as a part of sustainable development, has been keeping various activities relating to livestock in implementation.


The crucial goal linked with the Livestock Development Program is: to ensure proper utilization of assets, capacities and opportunities under the livestock sector, provide necessary technical and financial services and augment income and living standard of the target farmers.

Objectives & Methodology

  • To Supply target farmer with financial and technical services.
  • To ensure the utility of available opportunity and capability.
  • To diversify income, create self and wage employment and reduce unemployment.
  • To supply pure protein and eradicate malnutrition.


The organization has been keeping a set of activities into operation to amplify positive changes of the socioeconomic situation of the people. Among them, livestock is a prioritized sector of the organization, which carried out the following activities in 2018-19:

Livestock Credit Activities: As a fast growing sector, SSS offers two types of credits in Livestock sector. They are: Jagoron (rural and urban) and Agrosor (entrepreneur) credits. The farmers can invest the credit money in rearing duck, hen, pigeon, cow, goat, lamb, and so on. Simultaneously, they get necessary training and technical supports from the organization.

Beef Fattening Credit Activities: Beef Fattening Credit, an important part of seasonal (sufolon) credit program, is supplied to the farmers before five to six months of Eid-ul-Azha. The credit range is Tk. 30-50 thousand in exchange for 24 percent service charge (declining method) following at-a-time repayment procedure (after selling out the cow). Notwithstanding, in the case of special approval this credit amount may be extended up to Tk. 5 lac.

PACE Project: PACE (Promoting Agricultural Commercialization and Enterprise), a special scheme on cow rearing, is basically a value chain development project on income augmentation and employment creation of entrepreneurs through cow rearing in the Chore regions. SSS has been putting this project into action through 15 branches under five upazilas of Tangail since July 2015 with the prime goal of increasing income, creating employment and diminishing both present and future milk deficiency in the national level, financed by PKSF. The activities of the project comprise: increasing skill and income of the entrepreneurs, increasing milk production and crossbreeding, increasing the supply of green grass, enhancing primary healthcare through creating LSP (Livestock Service Provider), setting milk market locally and smoothing the marketing, reducing cow mortality rate and doubling the number of crossbreeding cows. There is a sub-project on native hen rearing under this project which is depicted below:

Indigenous Chickens Rearing Activities: SSS has been implementing Creating Employments through Setting up Commercial Farms of Indigenous Chickens (value chain development) project aiming at setting up commercial farms on native hens and increasing the supplies of eggs and meats in Tangail through Bhuapur, Gopalpur, Gobindashi and Falda branches since July 2017 financed by PKSF.

Important activities of this project are:

  • Arranging of orientation, meeting and seminar, training and workshop;
  • Organizing view-sharing meeting with the entrepreneurs to the material suppliers, hatchery owners, feeds producers, medicine and vaccine suppliers and marketing representatives;
  • Setting to arrange exposure visit on ideal farms on native hens;
  • Providing the farmers with progenitor cocks to increase fertility of eggs;
  • Setting up demo farms on native hens and so on.

LIFT Credit Activities: LIFT (Learning and Innovation Fund to Test New Ideas), one special credit scheme among ongoing projects of SSS, is related to providing credit and technical services on cow rearing through modern procedure. In August 2015, the organization set off this project in Bhairab branch of Kishoreganj forwarding the credit opportunity of Tk. 25 thousand to Tk. 03 lac on cows or heifers rearing, milk processing, grass cultivating commercially, setting up biogas plant and so on financed by PKSF. One vital sub-project under this project is illustrated below:

Poverty Alleviation through Extending More Meat Productive Cows (Brahma Cow) Project: SSS has been launching this project with taking into account the crucial goal of creating employment and enhancing income of the poor through brahma cows rearing in Shakhipur and Mogra branches under Tangail and Kalihati upazilas respectively, financed by PKSF, since August 2017.

The major activities of this project are:

  • Building up parent-stock farms,
  • Supplying the semen of brahma and more meat productive cows,
  • Setting up demo farms on brahma cows rearing at the grassroots,
  • Arranging training, workshop and baseline survey and so on.

Livestock Extension Project: The organization headed to initiate livestock development activities under livestock extension project in Trishal, Churkhai, Achhim and Balipara branches financed by own fund in 2018-19. The main goal of this project is: implementing technology-based activities related to livestock and increasing production at the farmer-levels. The important objectives of it are: setting up demo farms and taking necessary initiatives about it and drawing the attraction of the farmers to use modern technology in favor of their livestock development.

The activities of this project:

  • Arranging training, workshop and farm day and
  • Providing necessary technical assistances.


The multifold activities of SSS have left impacts on livestock development through paving up excess earning, supplying nutrition, empowering women and utilizing available assets and opportunities to seek sustainable development in the target families. As a result, some of the framers have started to live by rearing livestock.


Livestock Credit Activities: In 2018-19, the organization disbursed credit of Tk. 741.92 crore in the livestock among 1,56,403 families, where a total of Tk. 363.73 crore among 95,988 families as general credit, Tk. 302.05 crore among 22,814 families as entrepreneurial credit and Tk. 76.14 crore among 37,601 families as miscellaneous credit. Mentionable here, there is Tk. 300.14 crore included in aforesaid statement as beef fattening credit as well.


PACE Project: Till 30 June 2019, a total of eight thousand families accessed to the facilities of PACE project. On the other hand, the Creating Employment through Setting up Commercial Farms of Indigenous Chickens Project has included five thousand families.



LIFT Project: A total of 110 families received opportunities of LIFT project and were taken in the inclusion in the Poverty Alleviation through Extending More Meat Productive Cows (Brahma Cow) Project as well.