Fish-Culture Extension Program

Fishery, one of the vital sectors of our agro-economy, is an accessible source of first-rated nutrition. For maintaining supply and security of food and nutrition, this sector is significantly mentionable. A great segment of our people is engaged in fish cultivation. If the limitations of capital and technical knowledge are removed, the expected expansion of this sector is possible. As a part of integrated development, SSS has been putting fishery extension program in application since 1998.


The key goal of this program includes: bringing out socioeconomic development of the fish cultivators through enhancing capability and delivering necessary capital to utilize their assets and opportunities properly.

Objectives & Methodology

  • Scrutinizing opportunities and utilizing assets and capability of the fishery sector.
  • Providing essential financial services to the target-people.
  • Expanding time-be-fitting technology and methodology and enhancing production.
  • Eradicating malnutrition by the way of expanding pure-nutrition.
  • Reducing unemployment through generating self and wage-employment.
  • Strengthening financial and physical backgrounds and empowering the underprivileged people.


SSS has been keeping fishery extension program in implementation for two decades financed by national and international donor organizations. Following this pathway, this program is going forward. In 2018-19, the organization set the following activities in action:

Credit on Fish Cultivation

Credit on fish-culture is one of the most mentionable initiatives of the fishery extension program. Under this program, required capital is supplied to the cultivators with the intention of utilizing their assets and opportunities. In addition, they get training, technical support and inspirational facilities from the organization else. The organization provides two types of credits to the cultivators under Jagoron (rural and urban credit) and Agrosor (entrepreneur credit) credit programs in accordance with economic conditions.

Fishery Extension Project

In 2018-19, SSS took up fishery extension project to implement in the peripheries of 24 branches under Mymensingh, Kishoreganj and Feni districts by its own fund. The prime goal of this project implies: to attract the farmer to implement technology-based fishery activities and augment economic ability at the grass-roots.

The major functions under the project are—carp, mola and mono-sex tilapia fish mixed culture, carp-prawn poly-culture, high value fish like native shing, magur, tengra, pabda, gulsa and carp fish culture, crap fattening, Vietnamese  koi culture, eel fattening, predator fish poly-culture and pond dike vegetable cultivation around the year in the every pond and so on.

In contrast, there is some number of activities to enlarge capacity and motivate the target cultivators. Of them, arranging training and workshop, providing technical supports and necessary other assistances are mainly mentionable.

In 2019-20, Tk. 93.63 Crore was disbursed on fish-culture among 19,038 group-members. Of them 5,637 were entrepreneurs.


The fish-culture extension program is going through producing positive changes for the target-population. By taking up opportunities–credit, training and technical supports from SSS, the farmers are fostering utilities and incomes of this sector, which lead them toward the enrichment as well. 

Credit on Fish Cultivation:  In 2018-19, the organization disbursed credit of Tk. 89.31 crore among 19,835 farmers, whereas overall credit recovery rate of this program possessed 99.85 percent. This program also organized six training and workshop sessions, wherein a total of 145 farmers participated. Of them, 125 people belonged entrepreneur family.

Fishery Extension Project: As on 30 June 2019, the organization took 1,826 farmers in the opportunity of the fishery extension activities under the fish-culture extension project.