Agriculture Extension Programme

In order to make the target farmers habituated with modern methodology and technologies and increase the production, SSS started on agriculture extension program in 2018-19 with the working periphery in–Modhupur, Bhaighat, Garobazar, Trishal, Churkhai, Achhim, Nandina, Hajipur, Gopalpur, Sakhipur, Barachaona and Batajor Branches.

The activities under the project include: production of tricho-compost, utilization of granular urea in paddy cultivation, yearlong cultivation of vegetables and fruits on homesteads, usage of pheromone traps, production and preservation of grade-one paddy seed, integrated management in producing crops safely, introducing hybrid crops, and so on.

Agriculture extension program plays a sustainable role to alleviate poverty and bring about positive change in the livelihood of the farmer families.