Education and Child Development Programme

Education is prosperity, as children are leader of tomorrow. To give delivery of skillful and courteous human-resources, education and child development are essentially needed in supplementary aspects, which vibrate enrichment. In the third world, education is much expensive for the underprivileged society, wherein children are not exactly kept into fulfilment of basic-necessities. Education and child development program, a pragmatic and distinguished program amongst the munificent activities of SSS, has got implementation with significant role from the very beginning.


SSS-Poura Ideal High School

The history behind the today SSS-Poura Ideal High School is—the organization, since the initiation-stage, fastened magnitude to implement education and child development activities, overtly: development for the children and adolescents from dislodged and destitute families got emphasize in the working collocation in 1994. Earnestly, to reform the ethnic minorities (Horijan, Rabidas and Chawhan communities), the organization started up Ideal Primary School in Horijan Palli of Tangail Sadar in 1995, which turned into full-fledged primary school financed by Terre-des Hommes (TdH) Netherlands in 1999. After that, it traversed a long-path keeping education, culture and development activities in action. Following this sequence, SSS-Poura Ideal High School, a three-storied building ornamented with ultra-modern furniture and instruments was established in Tangail in 2015. Apart from Horijan, Rabidas and Chauhan communities, the school provides education opportunities to the mainstream children and adolescents. (Mentioned, the donor organization stopped to finance to the school since 2015.)

At present, some 500 students from play-group to class-ten are studying in the school, of them, 185 students (boys: 94 and girls: 91) are from Horijan, Rabidas and Chauhan communities, 37 (boys: 18 and girls: 19) from the brothel near the school and 278 (boys: 146 and girls: 132) under the main stream society.


SSS Sonar Bangla Children Home

In 1999, the organization, to rescue and rehabilitate the children and adolescents belonging to the sex workers, came to establish SSS Sonar Bangla Children Home on 9.5 acres land (owned by the organization). It is situated in the village Kuijbari of Mogra union under Tangail Sadar and financed by TdH-Netherlands till 2015. The goal of the program comprise to develop and set up the children belonging to the sex-workers pursuing a well-defined discipline and education.

As on 30 June 2022, there are 66 students in the home, wherein 28 are boys and 38 girls. Of them, 13 students read in primary, 32 in secondary, 12 in higher secondary (general and diploma) and 9 in university levels. Likewise, 24 students got married and 36 were employed into jobs (21 in SSS and 11 in other organization) under the responsibility of SSS.

The organization affords the children with the opportunities of residence, food, clothing, education, healthcares etc at-no-cost. Along with, they also get the facilities of job and marriage under the guardianship of the organization. The children receive training and exercise on dance, singing, karate, recitation, acting, and the rest under an experienced cultural team. It is pertinent to state, the donor organization did not continue to finance the project.


Education for Domestic Children

From the cordial mindset for children development, SSS embarked on Education for Domestic Children to impart education, preserve rights and ensure improvement of those children in 1999. For some money or foods, many of the children come from the ultra-poor families are obliged to engage themselves in household work of well-off families. There are a total of 8 education centers, 200 students and 8 female teachers (25 students and one teacher per center) in Tangail Sadar under the project. The children get lesson from class-one to class-five levels two hours per day following the primary education curriculum. They also receive training on cooking, household work, cleanliness etc. It is rational to mention, the donor organization brought the financial support to an end to the project since 2016, but the organization facilitate the program as well.


SSS TVET Institute

The organization established SSS Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Institute to impart technical and vocational training to the unemployed young people (from underprivileged families) and create employment financed by Terre-des Hommes-Netherlands in 2011. It is situated in the village Pachh Bikramhati near Tangail Town. Young people of minimum class eight passed can receive technical and vocational training and education for one year on four trades under the institute. The trades include: Automobile and Mechanical, Welding and Machinist, Electronics and Electrical, and Refrigeration and Air-conditioning. Referred to, the donor organization closed the financial assistance to the project in 2016, but the organization continues the institute.


The special characteristics of the institute are below:

  • Providing the students with free-of-cost training, instrument and textbooks with scholarship.
  • The number of seats for each trade is 15-20.
  • Making linkages with the employers manage jobs.
  • Encouraging and building up skill to create self-employment.
  • Disbursing credit for both self and overseas employments.

As on 30 June 2022, the institute has provided training to 616 youths. Of them, 489 people were employed in the country and 22 in the abroad.



To create employment through achieving skill, SSS launched Skill for Employment Investment Program (SEIP) financed by PKSF and implemented by SSS TVET Institute in January 2016. Unemployed youngsters belonging to the poor families under the group-members of credit program are the beneficiary of it. There are 13 trades under this training program and time boundary for each trade lies on three to six months counting on the nature of trade. The minimum qualification of being included this training is class five passed, but in the case of some special trades at least SSC passed required and minimum age-limit: 15.


Main objectives of the program include:

  • Imparting training to target people on self and wage-employment free-of-cost.
  • Providing requisite supports in favor of entering job market.
  • Ensuring appropriate employment after receiving training.


Till to date, a total of 50 youths got training under SEIP, among them, 17 youths got jobs.


SSS Non-Government Polytechnic Institute

As a part of wholesome enrichment, SSS Non-Government Polytechnic Institute, approved by Bangladesh Technical Education Board (code: 54282) opened up a new chapter in the length of activities of the organization in the end of 2017. The institute is placed at Panchh Bikramhati (one kilometer to the north from Rabna Bypass) of Tangail Sadar, which offers the opportunity to get admission in Diploma (four-year course) in Electrical, Civil, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and Automobile engineering, bearing the feature—four-storied modern building, eye-catching campus, lab-based education, scholarship for the meritorious students, job opportunity, experienced and high qualified faculty members and 50 seats per subject.


Table: Information on Subjects, Seats, Time-boundary and Students under SSS Non-Government Polytechnic Institute

SL. Subjects Time


No. of Seat No. of Student
1. Electrical Four Years 50 85
2. Civil Four Years 50 28
3. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Four Years 50
4. Automobile Four Years 50
Total 200 113


As on 30 June 2022, some 113 students are studying in the institute.

Adolescence Program

To build up a sensible society and advanced nation through developing physical and mental health of the adolescents, SSS took up initiative to keep into the adolescence program in operation in the different upazillas under the Tangail District, financed by PKSF in 2019. Under the program, 17 clubs—6 girls and 11 boys clubs with 30 members per club from 10-19 aged students were formed. The activities of the program are on:


  • Morality and social consciousness development.
  • Adolescent Healthcare.
  • Skill and Leadership Development.
  • Cultural Functions.

In 2021-22, the program organized a total of 142 events for 2,209 participants.


Karate Training

Casting the children and adolescents into self-defense and reliance, SSS has been imparting karate training since its inception. The students of SSS Sonar Bangla Children Home and SSS-Poura Ideal High School, as the main beneficiary of the program and being patronized by the organization, who bring about the glory and appreciation by participating in different national and international karate competitions.


Up to now, they took part in 93 competitions at national and international levels and secured glorious position as well. They won 58 gold, 32 silver, 55 bronze medals and so on as well as certificates from the competitions.


Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program, one of the conspicuous interventions of SSS toward the excelling up development in the line of forming a civil society, where in education and dexterous manpower are availed, but poverty and financial imparities are the great impediment to the way of extending education. The organization, as a vital parameter of building up skilled human-resources, has been distributing scholarship since 2000. As of recent, SSS provides four categories of scholarship, which are: SSS-Naga Scholarship, Regular Scholarship, At-a-time Scholarship and Special Scholarship.


In 2021-22, SSS provided scholarships of Tk. 32.02 lac to 179 students, and till to date the organization distributed Tk. 4.53 crore as scholarship.