Education and Child Development Programme

Education and Child Development Program

Education is prosperity, as children are leader of tomorrow. To give delivery of skillful and courteous human-resources, education and child development are essentially needed in supplementary aspects, which vibrate enrichment. In the third world, education is much expensive for the underprivileged society, wherein children are not exactly kept into fulfilment of basic-necessities. Education and child development program, a pragmatic and distinguished program amongst the munificent activities of SSS, has got implementation with significant role from the very beginning.



The vision of education and child development program of SSS: to expand universal education towards decent employment, build up well-educated nation and ensure normal growth of the disadvantaged group of children of all strata.

Objectives & Methodology

  • Establishing underprivileged children in the society through suitable environment and education.
  • Providing food and healthcares, consciousness and training to ensure physical and mental growths.
  • Ensuring child rights through increasing awareness and development activities in the society.
  • Imparting the youngsters with vocational training and supports to diminish unemployment.
  • Endowing the underprivileged brilliant students with scholarships, educational materials and special supports.

Implemented Activities

To active sustainability in amelioration, education and child development is utmost fundamental. Education and child development program of SSS is devoted to generate welfare for the underprivileged people, which is

dedicated to produce education-friendly ambient, uproot the barriers and uplift related factors for the awkward and backward children and adolescents. The pro-progressive activities in favor of education and child development are sketched out below:

SSS-Poura Ideal High School

Children and adolescents, belonging to Horijan, Rabidas and Chawhan communities, are always lagged behind. To launch activities into application, for the development of the children, released a paramount chapter of SSS’ working collocation in 1994. After that, it traversed a long-path along with keeping education, culture and development activities in action. Following this sequence, SSS-Poura Ideal High School was established in Tangail in 2015. At present, some 477 students possessing play-group to class ten are studying there, financed by the organization. Of them, 153 students are from Horijan, Rabidas and Chauhan communities. The eminent uniqueness of the school is noted below:

  • Modern and excellent campus with necessary equipment and experienced and efficient teachers.
  • Opportunity to study for all children along with Horijan, Rabidas and Chawhan communities.
  • Imposing emphasis on English language and ICT learning.
  • English version from nursery to class three.
  • Providing nutrition and healthcare free of cost.

SSS Sonar Bangla Children Home

SSS Sonar Bangla Children Home, a center engaged in rescuing and rehabilitating the children and adolescents belonging to the brothel and sex-workers’ families, was started in 1999. It is situated in the village Kuijbari of Mogra union under Tangail Sadar and right now financed by the organization. The potential goal of the program implies to develop and establish the children of the sex-workers pursuing a well-defined discipline and education. As on 30 June 2019, there are 94 children are in the home, wherein 49 are boy and 45 girl. The foremost features of the program illuminated below:

  • Maintaining the children with residence, food, clothes, education and healthcare.
  • Imparting religious and technical education with sports and recreation.
  • Ensuring educational, cultural and psycho-physical development.
  • Rendering full supports to get highest education, marriage and job.

Education for Domestic Children

Education for Domestic Children, a part of education and child development program of the organization, is submitted to discharge welfare for the destitute people. In exchange for some money or foods, many of the children belonging to the ultra-poor and working class families are obliged to engage themselves in domestic works of well-off families. SSS set out activities to impart education, preserve rights and ensure development of those children in 1999, financed by Terre des Hommes-Netherlands (TdH-NL) and SSS jointly till 2016. And at present it is run with financial collaboration of the organization only. There are a total of 10 education centers in Tangail Sadar under the program and every center possesses 25 students and a female teacher. The noteworthy characteristics of this program are mentioned below:

  • Imparting lesson following primary education curriculum.
  • Rendering lesson for two hours every day and six days in a week.
  • Providing training on cooking, household tasks, cleanliness etcetera.
  • Observing child-rights week, independence day, victory day and so on with due importance.
  • Organizing half-yearly meetings (two times in a year) for the employers and guardians.

Technical and Vocational Education and Training

To engender trained human resources and alleviate unemployment, SSS has prioritized the following activities:

SSS TVET Institute

SSS TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) Institute started out its activities in 2011. The key goal of the institute is: to impart technical and vocational training to the minimal-educated unemployed youngsters and generate employment. It is located at the village Pachh Bikramhati under Tangail sadar. The training institute is managed by SSS own fund. The institute renders the opportunities of receiving training on five trades. They are: Automobile and Mechanical, Welding and Machinist, Electronics and Electrical, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning and Plumbing and Construction. Time boundary is one year for every trade. The other features of the institute are placed below:

  • Imparting training, instruments and textbooks to the students free of cost.
  • Providing scholarship to all every month and the number of seats for each trade is 15.
  • Making linkages with the employer organizations manage employment.
  • Encouraging and building up dexterity to create self-employment.
  • Supplying credit for both self and overseas employments.

Skill for Employment Investment Program (SEIP)

The crucial theme of this program expresses the statement: to engender capacity and employment. SSS received the program in January 2016, financed by PKSF and implemented by SSS TVET Institute. Unemployed youngsters belonging to the poor families under credit program are the beneficiary of it. There are 15 trades under this training program and time boundary for each trade lies three to six months. The minimum qualification of being included this training is class five passed and minimum age-limit 15. The major characteristics of this program are:

  • Imparting training to target people on self and wage-employment free of cost.
  • Providing requisite supports in favor of entering job market.
  • Ensuring appropriate employment after carrying out training.

SSS Non-Govt. Polytechnic Institute

SSS.Non-Government Polytechnic Institute got launched activities in the end of 2017, approved by Bangladesh Technical Education Board (code: 54282). The institute is fallen on location at Panchh Bikramhati (one kilometer to the north from Rabna Bypass) of Tangail Sadar. The institute primarily offers the opportunity to get admission in diploma in engineering courses. They are: Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and Automobile Engineering. Every course holds 50 seats. Right-now, 97 students are studying here. The momentous specialties of the institute elucidated below:

Permanent and modern campus.

Well-decorated workshop and laboratory with necessary equipment.

Providing theoretical and practical lessons by a group of experienced teachers.

Imposing special cares on building up demandable capacity, ICT and English language.

Arranging internship in well-renowned industries and supports to get job.

Cultural and Sports Program

To foster socioeconomic development, sports and cultural activities pay a splendid reaction. SSS, since the very beginning, has been gearing up activities in action relating to sports and cultures in various ways. In June 2017, the organization identically upgraded cultural and sports program. The program is implementing in Tangail sadar financed by PKSF and SSS jointly. The students belonging to the institutes under Tangail district are the prime beneficiaries of the program. The magnificent activities under the program are described below:

  • Cultural Activities: drawing, debating, recitation, quiz, patriotic songs, folksongs etcetera competitions and well practice of folks and indigenous cultures along with martial arts.
  • Sports Related Activities: arranging badminton, cricket, football, handball, volleyball, chess, hadudu, swimming, race, cycling and other traditional sports.
  • Accreditations and Exhibition Related Activities: observing different days, younger-elder reunion, adolescent conference, cake festival, new-year celebration, agriculture fair and so on.


Scholarship Activities

To extend education, scholarship is a vital parameter. SSS has been handing out scholarship since 2000. As of recent, SSS provides four categories of scholarship, which are: SSS-Naga, Regular, At-a-time and Special Scholarships. The term and conditions in favor of getting scholarship are flashed out below:

  • The prime condition is–the student should be poor, meritorious and unmarried and education level is class six to master’s degree.
  • SSS-Naga Scholarship is worth TK. 6,000 per head/per annum.
  • Amount of regular scholarship is Tk. 1,000 to Tk. 7,000 per student/per year.
  • At-a-time scholarship is provided to the SSC and HSC passed student belonging to member families, based on their results and amount is worth Tk. 6,000-10,000.
  • Special scholarship is given considering special circumstances.


In the paradise of enrichment, dynamism of activities under the education and child development program is beautified with welfare, which cultivates education, culture and child development with the significant role.


SSS-Poura Ideal High School:  In 2018-19, a total of 477 students sat for final examination from play-group to class ten under SSS-Poura Ideal High School. Of them, 26 students got pass in PSC, 36 students in JSC and 8 students in SSC exams. Simultaneously 18 students are carrying on their study in SSC level as well.


The activities under the program for development of the neglected people in the society are doubtlessly praiseworthy, which has landed a bridge to include the backward children into education and cultural activities, by degrees, switched on their psychological and environmental enhancements else. At present, they are too much conscious and used to lead a normal and better-off life.


SSS Sonar Bangla Children Home: As on 30 June 2019, a total of 94 children and adolescents belonging to the sex-worker’s families got accommodation in this home. Of them, 49 were boy and 45 girl. In the term of reality, this program set them free from very ignominious and inferior lives. They have received the opportunities of residence, food, clothing, education, healthcare and psychophysical amelioration in a well-set ambient at-no-cost.


As on 30 June 2019, overall 23 inhabitants of this home got married under the arrangement of SSS, wherein 5 male and 18 female. A total of 24 inhabitants were employed into jobs, of them, 10 in SSS and rest 14 in other organizations.


Since the very beginning, the organization has been keeping karate training into implementation, which teaches the children and adolescents to be self-defended and reliant. The students of Sonar Bangla Children Home and Poura Ideal High School are main beneficiary of the program, who in the patronization of the organization, participate in national and international karate competitions. Up to now, they took part in 10 competitions at national and international levels and won honourable position as well. In 2018-19, they took part in the fifth and sixth Mount Everest Open International Karate Competition in Kathmandu of Nepal and achieved the third place (with four gold and eight bronze medals) and second place (with eight gold, three silver and six bronze medals) respectively.


Education for Domestic Children: As on June 2019, there are 10 education centers and 250 students under the education for domestic children program in Tangail sadar. This program possesses pragmatic and leading significance to develop the repressed and disadvantaged children and adolescents. They got requisite proficiency to carry out assigned tasks and responsibilities smartly and carefully. Coming in contact with education and cultural activities, they are extremely sentient about their rights and improvement as well. Consequently, the employers are very sympathetic and friendly. Up to now, this program has procreated a prolific result, i.e, a total of 269 students got passed PSC, 28 students JSC, seven students SSC and four students HSC.


Technical and Vocational Education and Training:

In 2018-19, SSS-TVET Institute afforded the facilities to 122 students to receive training under five trades; wherein 118 were boy and 04 girl. As on 30 June 2019, the institute has imparted training and education to 565 youths. Of them, 403 persons have employed in the country and 18 individuals in the foreign and 34 individuals in self-employment. Till to date, a total of 50 youths got training under SEIP, among them, 17 youths have employed in jobs and 33 youths are waiting for the jobs.



Cultural and Sports Program: In 2018-19, a total of 123 cultural occasions took place under the cultural and sports program, in which 2,938 students participated. This program organized 39 competitions on different sports and there were 1,618 students as contestant.  



Scholarship Activities: In 2018-19, SSS extended its hand to 255 students with scholarship worth Tk. 22.35 lac, wherein 157 students and Tk. 9.15 lac were under SSS-Naga Scholarship program. Till to date, the organization has totally contributed Tk. 3.99 crore to scholarship activities. This program has unlocked a pathway of going frontward with education and enrichment for the student belonging to underprivileged families. Many of them have completed their education and held position in the society and some students are keeping on study.