Health Programme

Health Program


Health, a crucial parameter of the development, is extremely vital to lead a sound and happy life. To generate well off, optimum productivity and holistic development into every arena of the society, sound health is a nucleus feature, which straightforwardly lies in outlook. SSS, as a distinctive part of inclusive sustainable development, adopted health program to implement officially in 1996.



The key philosophy of SSS health program is: providing actual and universal healthcare to lead normal and sound lives and ensure development.


Objectives & Methodology

  • Raising consciousness among the people about health through meeting, seminar and training.
  • Providing the healthcares to the people at the doorsteps through static and satellite clinics.
  • Ensuring safe maternity, sound health and growth of children and adolescents.
  • Arranging well-treatment for underprivileged children, men and women and elderly persons.
  • Organizing necessary medical camps and providing healthcares during disasters.



In 2018-19, SSS put a range of activities into application for the improvement of the public health, which imparted the underprivileged people with special benefits, are praiseworthy in the development field. The momentous and regular activities under the program are below:




SSS Hospital 

The organization launched SSS Hospital on its own building at the hub of Tangail sadar in 2000. This hospital, registered with the Government, has 50 beds and provides proper healthcares to the people at a nominal cost. A group of specialized doctors provides medical-cares in the arena of general, gynecological, cardiac, pediatric, medicine, physiotherapy and so on diseases through pursuing preventive, curative and operative method.


SSS Hospital Eye Department 

Eye department, an important and independent wing of SSS hospital with a separate building, has charming ambient and modern medical equipment financed by donor organization, TdH-Netherlands. There are computerized examination, modern operation theatre and phaco-surgery, where people get medical-cares at a reasonable cost under the specialized doctors. In the treatment, operative and non-operative both methods are applied in accordance with the nature of diseases.


Primary Healthcare Program

To ensure healthcare for all, SSS has been implementing a number of activities at the grassroots, of them, Primary Healthcare Program (PHCP) is particularly identified. This program was initiated in 1996, but got special formation and regulation in February 2016, designed with the creativity and financial support by the organization. Working area has been selected in 31 branch offices in Tangail, Jamalpur and Kurigram districts. In every branch, a Medical Assistant provides health services and is directly controlled under the supervision of SSS Hospital. Activities of the program are mentioned below:


  • Providing primary healthcare to the members at the group in the morning and at the branch office from 2 pm to 5 pm.
  • Organizing at least one medical camp every month under each branch.
  • Making the people conscious of nutrition and health through arranging meetings and workshops.
  • Rendering referral facilities according to need.




Health Related Activities

SSS emphasizes some special activities to preserve public health, which have positive impact on living standard, are described below:


Pregnant and Parturient Mothers’ Cares: This activity is available in the selected working area, which provides pregnant and parturient mothers with food and nutrition, discipline, check-up, medical-care, vitamin-A capsule intake, immunization, safe delivery and so forth services.


Anthelmintic: Under this program, the members of target-families (excluding pregnant mothers and infants up to 2 years) are supplied with anthelmintics (anti-vermin).


Family Planning: This program follows the group and courtyard meeting, where the members of the families receive knowledge, suggestion and counseling about family planning, benefits of nuclear family, problems of extended families and all that.


Nutrition: The activities of this program: imparting knowledge of food and nutrition, arranging meetings and workshops, creating awareness, identifying nutrition level of the children of 0-3 year(s), providing treatment and relevant assistance.


Vaccination and NID: SSS puts into action the vaccination and NID activities as a representative of the Government, where children of 0-5 year(s) and women are the direct beneficiary in the selected area.


Anemia Prevention: This program is undertaken with the activities—to identify anemia and give prescription and necessary assistance to the people in exchange for a nominal cost in the selected area.


Drinking Water and Sanitation: The organization imparts counseling, keeps in awareness and extends the financial services to install tube-well and sanitary latrines to the families under the scheme.



The reasonable achievements of the program in 2018-19 are mentioned below:

SSS Hospital 

In 2018-19, a total of 12,314 people got medical-care from SSS Hospital, wherein they has benefited through receiving proper treatment at a nominal cost. The overall progress of this section is put into illustration in the following table-3.1:

Static and Mobile Clinic and Medical Camp

In the selected periphery there are 31 sub-medical centers under the organization. During 2018-19, some 7,863 static and 16,424 mobile clinics were organized under these medical centers, where 94,763 people received free medical-care. On the other hand, 549 medical camps were organized and 22,608 persons got health services free-of-cost as well.


Healthiness Related Activities

In 2018-19, information on healthiness activities is appended in the adjacent outline: