Health Programme

SSS Hospital

In 2000, to deliver quality and proper medical services to the general people at a rational cost, the organization launched SSS Hospital, a government registered 30-bed general hospital on its own land and building, at the hub of Tangail Sadar. The hospital possesses a four-storied modern building equipped with up-to-date medical appliances and pathological facilities, where in a group of specialized doctors provides medical-cares in the arena of general, gynecological, cardiac, pediatric, medicine, physiotherapy and so on diseases through pursuing preventive, curative and operative methods. Then again, on every Sunday this hospital arranges extended vaccination program for the children and women as well as vitamin-A feeding campaign as a representative of the government. In the hospital, there are special waivers for taking medical treatment of the group-members and employees of the organization.


SSS Eye Department

SSS Eye department, an independent wing of SSS hospital with a separate building, come into function to provide ophthalmologic treatment to the people at reasonable cost, has charming environment and modern equipment financed by TdH-Netherlands. This department featured with computerized examination, modern operation theatre and phaco-surgery, where people get ophthalmological treatment under the specialized doctors. In the treatment, operative and non-operative both methods are applied in accordance with the nature of diseases.

In 2021-22, a total of 1,584 people (operative: 324 and non-operative: 1,260) received treatment from the SSS Eye Department.

Primary Healthcare Program (PHCP)

SSS, to ensure healthcares for all, has been keeping a number of activities in application at the grassroots, of which, Primary Healthcare Program (PHCP) is mostly noteworthy. This program was initiated in 1996, but this activity got special formation and regulation in February 2016 designed by the organization. Working area is in 33 branch offices of Tangail, Jamalpur and Kurigram Districts. There are 33 medical assistants (one per branch), who provide healthcares with the help of 40 CHVs (Community Health Volunteer) and 30 SBAs (Skilled Birth Attendant). Activities of the program are mentioned below:

  • Providing primary healthcare to the members at the group in the morning and at the branch office from 2 pm to 5 pm.
  • Organizing at least one medical camp per month under each branch.
  • Making the people conscious of health and nutrition through arranging meetings and workshops, and rendering the referral facilities according to need.
Public Health Related other Activities

To maintain public health, SSS imposed importance on implementation of some interrelated activities, bordering on Pregnant and Parturient Mothers Cares,  de-worming, Family Planning, Nutrition, Vaccination, Anemia Prevention, Drinking Water and Sanitation, Reproductive Healthcares, Knowledge on Epidemic, Pandemic and Chronic diseases and Child Marriage Prevention are in stance, which have positive impact on living standard.