HRD & Admin

Mahbubul Hoque Bhuiyan, Director, HRD & Admin

Adding up values to delivering services—every layer stands up on the diligence and wits of human beings, who simultaneously employ talent, thought and leadership to promote civilization toward the acme of the enrichment. In today’s globalization, development is a distinct dimension, in where total efforts of individuals are taken in account as human capital, because, to secure desired productivity, quality services (goods), generalized sustainability, market domination and the like—are the outcomes from the dexterous and dedicated human’s passionless attempts.

In synchronization, to put on economy, efficiency and effectiveness in every action and pace, administrative initiative and curricula are significantly required, which bring forward a dynamic and momentum fruit in the organization in line with the its planned outcome.


The phenomenal vision of the human resource and admin department is–to bring about well-efficient employees and progressive leadership, draw certitude of proper utility of assets and capability and amalgamate socio-economic proficiency to render services in accordance with the vision and mission of the organization.


The major activities under the department are alluded below:

  • Staff Management: recruiting, training, posting, transfer, increment, promotion, retirement, revising pay scale in accordance with time, innovating sound leadership to apply, encouraging professional attitude, and all that.
  • ICT Management: hardware and software related services and activities, leading and conducting automation activities, up-to-dating the web site–, arranging ICT related training and workshop etc.
  • Administrative Function: circulating office letters, notices, notes and other issues; conference room maintaining; taking administrative and legal steps; handling lawsuit related activities; assets and property management; preserving service rule, TIN certificates and constitution, arranging and attending days and events observance, and the others.
  • Construction Activities:real-estate and construction management, furniture and outfits management, maintenance and facilities management, land purchasing and development, and so on.
  • Store Management: collecting requisition, preserving stock of stationeries and equipments, distributing the same, keeping communication with press and traders, preserving out of use goods and equipments and selling them, and all that.
  • SSS Rest House: providing for the hospitality to the donors, staff and development partners with residence and necessary facilities.
  • Miscellaneous Activities: leading SLIM (SSS Learning Institute of Microfinance) training Activities, transport management, purchasing and procurement, overseas tour management, printing management, monitoring activities of health and training program, participating and handling investigational activities and the like.


Till 31 May 2020, there are some 70 staff members in the work-force pool under the HRD and admin department headed by a director, of them, 37 personnel work in head office and the rest 33 in other offices.