Sadhan Chandra Goon,

Director, Training Department

The training department of SSS, with the goal of development of dexterous and professional human resources to make the royal beneficiaries and skilled workforce, has been conducting various training and workshop sessions, chiefly—on group dynamism, microfinance management, finance and accounts management, effective program management, human resources development management, software operation management, capacity building management, income generating activities development, leadership growing, entrepreneur development, livelihood restoration, and so on to gain productivity effectively practicing in-job and on-job procedures.  The organization owns two training centers decorated with the modern equipment and furniture, which provide boarding and lodging to the internal participants (maximum 60 people) attended trainings, workshops, meetings, and seminars sessions. The organization also let the training centers use to others in exchange of sensible rent as well. There are a good number of well-experienced faculty members in the department led by a director.