Sadhan Chandra Goon, Director, Training

Training, a functional indicator of education and talent, mobilizes the human capital, which begets the bloom of discipline, efficiency, speed and spirit in carrying out activities. In personal life and organization, a pragmatic training brings about satisfaction, and constructs the acceleration of upward sustainability.  Since very initiation, SSS has been keeping training program into operation, which plays the vital role in the socioeconomic advancement.


The actual dream of the training department possesses the quotation–to engender dexterous and potential human-resources with innovation.


The important activities under the training department are placed below:

  • To design time-be-fitting training modules in reference to demand.
  • To conduct training courses in line with needs of the organization.
  • To extend hand to arrange trainings and workshops organized by other projects and programs.
  • In-department staff management and development.
  • To take part in policy making activities of the organization.

Management and Professional Efficiency Development

Training program of SSS, designed with the reality and dynamism, deals out proficiency, resources development and welfare extension activities.

Management development related training of the organization is directly linked with implementing strategic planning and managing the human-resources. The central themes of this training include: staff leading and controlling, productivity and motivation, office management and regulation, information technology and application, and so on. In general, assistant branch managers, branch managers, area managers, zonal managers and heads of the departments are the main participants of it. On the other hand, the field workers of the organization are the main trainees of Professional Efficiency Development training. This kind of training enhances the efficiency and creativity of the employees. It puts them alive in performing activities with great spontaneity. The major themes of this training are: group dynamism, savings and credit management, accounts management, leadership, poverty eradication etcetera.

Training on Income Generating Activities at the Grassroots

The target-people of the organization get this training on their respective livelihoods. In this way, capability and skill of the target-people are increased. They make proper utilization of received credit and capital and engage in self or wage-employment. In general, this type of training is imparted to the entrepreneurs. The central subject-matters of this training include: technical and general skills building in income generating activities, business management and expansion, sales and marketing and so on.

In 2019-20, the organization imparted training to 5,309 employees and group-members setting up a total of 190 batches. Of them, 1,324 were staff and 2,985 target-people (members).

Special Training

This kind of training is organized to implement special program or action of the organization. By the large, to introduce new programs, activities, policies, and the like, the organization arranges this category of training. In this case, the respective program or department conducts the training and training department provides overall assistance.

Infrastructure and Facilities

Training related infrastructure and facilities of the SSS are depicted below:

Training department, SSS, belonging two venues–venue-i and venue-ii equipped with ultramodern outfits, carries out activities with eight experienced trainers, three office-rooms, three class-rooms (50 seats) and 54 bedded two trainees’ dormitories, where air-condition, multi-media, camera, telephone and internet communication, generator and others modern facilities are available.


The training department, as of 31 May 2020, possesses a total of 16 staff members, wherein a director has taken his position as departmental chief.