Research & Publication

Research and Publication Department of SSS is straightly related with the progress and innovation of the organization having the focal intention of scrutinizing the innovation for the all-out development and disseminating the welfare and successes to the society through printed and digital publications. The key activities of the department are: gathering and preserving data and information and providing the same to the internal and external agents in line with needs; conducting researches on new ideas, natural issues, projects and programs, evaluation of ongoing activities and phased-out programs or projects and so on; collecting and providing research-oriented data to the government and nongovernment organizations, departments and bodies, donors and development organizations; and publishing different printed materials–annual reports, brochures, information booklets, success featuring stories, folder, posters, manuals, advertisement, sticker and newsletters and souvenirs etcetera. The activities of the department boosts up the encouragement¬† among the printing and electronic media to publish a number of features and success stories of the organization, and organize a number of talk-shows on the activities and welfare of the organization. It also accelerates the inducement, confidence and commitment of staff members, beneficiaries and people, researchers and writers as well. There are five staff members led by a Deputy Director in the department.