Research & Publication

Research and publication department, SSS bears out the parameter of progress and goodwill of the organization, which energetically accelerates the wheels of enrichment scrutinizing the innovation, progress, methodology and adaptation to present the success, new idea, information, and opportunity of the organization to the society with easy and authentic approach and keeps the same in documentation for the future reference. The major objectives of the department are as below:


  • Cultivation of the innovation and creativity of the organization in the development;
  • New modus-operandi and programs invention, research conduction and model creation;
  • Evaluation of implemented project and scrutinizing feasibility of new project;
  • Data collecting, processing, analyzing and generating proper information;
  • Analyses and presentation of the success, development, innovation, event and progress;
  • Updating and preserving information and disseminating according to the demand.

Activities of the Department

  • Collecting data, information and case-study, examining and analyzing, report writing, editing, cover and inner-page illustrating, compiling, printing, preserving and so forth.
  • Publishing the Annual Report, Quarterly Bulletin, Brochure, Leaflet, Booklet and Report on special project and program and so on of the organization timely.
  • Updating the website of the organization and taking up initiative to prepare the office file, folder, pad and diary regularly.
  • Conducting research and related activities; data and information accumulation, preservation and dissemination in line with the need and requisition.
  • Participating in national and international day observance, meetings and seminars, trainings and workshops, debates, fair and exhibition.
  • Sending applications to the concerned authorities with necessary information for various national and international competitions on behalf of the members and the organization.
  • Managing the library filled with publications, books, documents, research papers, newspapers, pictures, videos and information, and so on.