Research & Publication

Mubarak Hossain, Assistant Director, Research & Publication

A pragmatic publication, one of the indicators of progress and goodwill of an organization, gets across innovation, enrichment, methodology and adaptation to present to the society with effortless and authentic approaches and keeps the same up for the future reference. The uninterrupted sequence of the activities produces positive dynamism in the society and culture, which set a noteworthy character to promote sustainable revolution as well. SSS, from its very inception, has been facilitating publication activities with importance.


Research and publication department is bestowed with–the amplification of the innovation and creativity and exposition and illustration of the success, progress and achievement of the organization and the group members in the pragmatic way.


An indisputable publication is kept into engagement with the functions associated with data and information accumulating, examining and analyzing, report writing, editing, cover and inner-page illustrating, compiling, printing, preserving and so forth. There is also a dynamic website of the organization, which is regularly updated under the inherited initiative of the publication department as well.

Publication department carries out a set of supplementary activities, especially—preparing and publishing office file, folder, pad and diary; conducting research and related activities; data and information accumulation, preservation and dissemination in line with the organization’s need and requisition.

Simultaneously, this department takes into accomplishment of participation in national and international day observance, meetings and seminars, trainings and workshops, debates, fair and exhibition, sending applications to the concerned authorities with necessary information for various national and international competitions on behalf of the members and the organization.

On the other hand, there is a library under the control of the publication department, in where a range of publications, books, documents, research papers, newspapers, pictures, videos and information are put into preservation.

Regular Publications

  • SSS Annual Report (Both English and Bengali Version)
  • SSS Bulletin (a quarterly) (Both English and Bengali Version)
  • SSS Diary
  • SSS Brochure


As on 30 May 2020, research and publication department possessed six employees, among them an Assistant Director holds position as departmental head under the Executive Direct