Md. Aminul Islam Khan, Deputy Director, Audit

The internal audit department of SSS, an independent department of the organization directly reportable to the Executive Director, has been forwarding efforts and initiative aiming to maintain the transparency and accountability across the organization. The activities of the department facilitate the organization to accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, controlling and governance processes, provide the management with information, appraisals, curative and preventive recommendations, and counsel regarding the activities examined and other significant issues.

The department services include routine audit, system audit, special audit, investigations, and assets verification as per policy guidelines. An audit review committee looks out the work of the department to ensure the greater transparency and accountability. The department possesses a total of skilled staff members under a deputy director.

This department executes an approved audit planning and will perform the following tasks in accordance with its overall strategy:

  • To verify the existence of assets and recommend proper safeguards for their protection.
  • To evaluate the adequacy of the system of internal controls.
  • To recommend improvements in the controls.
  • To assess compliance with policies and procedures and sound implementation practices.
  • To assess compliance with state and federal laws and contractual obligations.
  • To review operations/programs to ascertain whether results are consistent with established objectives and whether the operations/programs are being carried out as planning.
  • To investigate reported occurrences of fraud, embezzlement, theft, waste, etc.
  • To present report in the monthly coordination meetings head by the Executive Director.