Md. Aminul Islam Khan, Deputy Director, Audit

Audit department, SSS, deals with the internal checking and inquiry of papers, documents, account-books, protocol and progress under the projects and programs in working-dimension of the organization in line with principles and policies, emphasizing transparency and effectiveness, which figures out the degree of purity of implementation of the activities.

The audit department carries a range of activities out following a specific vision and methodology, wherein economy, efficiency, effectiveness and ethics are basic norm.


The goal of the audit department draws in the theme–to establish transparency through conducting activities with the rules and regulations of the organization.   


The following activities are performed under the audit department:

  • Audit planning and implementing
  • Conducting audit–comprehensive, emergency and special
  • Reporting to the authority on audit findings
  • Sending audit feedbacks and compliances to the concerned offices
  • Inter staff management and development
  • Participation in policy making activities


The audit department, as on 31 May 2020, held up manpower consisting of 19 staff members led by a Deputy Director as well.