Diptimoy Barua, Deputy Director, Finance and Accounts

Accounts Department, one of the prime segments of SSS, is endowed with the bookkeeping of all financial transactions and events, which procreates transparency and proficiency in gross activities.

To know financial position, growth rate, capability, competitive power, feasibilities and opportunities is possible only for efficient accounting and accountancy efforts, where actual budget, planning and implementation with money inflow-outflow management gets formation and activities are propelled to the progress.


The vision with the accounts department carries the information—to establish transparency and economy in every action and transaction.


The department is featured through belonging to the key activities in application are furnished below:


  • Keeping Journal, cash and ledger books of the organization.
  • Checking and preserving bill, voucher and other related documents of transaction.
  • Maintaining and putting in order trail-balance, cash-flow, income-expenditure statement, balanced-sheet, and various necessary financial statements.
  • Analyzing financial and social ratios, positions and progresses.
  • Preparing annual budget and participating in making the strategic planning.
  • In-department planning and staff management.
  • Taking part in decision making.
  • Providing essential data, report and financial statements to the donors, government and non-government departments, directorates, organizations and networking associations
  • Conducting internal audit and producing supports to the external audit.
  • Arranging negotiation and communication with donors and fund contributors.


As on 31 May 2020, the accounts department came to meet the scheduled activities into action through a total 20 staff member under the leadership of a director.