ENRICH Program


The holistic development mechanism is an appropriate means for coping with diversified poverty. ENRICH program is an integrated idealistic initiative, which combines inclusive financial services, nutrition and healthcare, education and child development, infrastructure development, social decadence alleviation, and so on together. The goal of the program is–to increase resources and capacities of poor families and alleviate poverty.


  • Empowering and ensuring access of poor people to food-nutrition, health and education, in particular, taking special care of women and children;
  • Ensuring participation of all to cope with natural disasters and providing support to poor families for post-disaster rehabilitation;
  • Expanding support to alleviate poverty and implement development process;
  • Ensuring optimum use of assets and capacities of target families and adopting future strategies;
  • Making coordination with concerned government and non-government organizations for the proper implementation of the program. 

Working Area

Presently, SSS has been implementing the program over Dainna union of Tangail Sadar upazila and Bahadurshadi union of Kaliganj upazilla of Gazipur.


The main activities of the program are as follows:

  • Financial Services: Credit facility up to Tk. 15 lac with three types of credit–income generating, asset creating and livelihood development and a special savings program.
  • Nutrition and Healthcare: The program provides the target families with nutrition and healthcare services easily at their doorsteps. The major activities of this section are–selling health cards, static and satellite clinics, checking-up blood pressure, blood groups and diabetes of pregnant mothers as well as the general people, imparting necessary health and family planning counseling and arranging medical camps–eye, gynecological, sex and dermatological, physiotherapy and dental camps in a regular interval.
  • Education and Child Development: There are 55 education centers under the ENRICH program to prevent drop-out tendency of primary-level students, establish child-friendly education system and ensure education for all. A teacher (female) for per center gives lesson the students every day from 3 pm to 5 pm.
  • Living Standard and Sustainable Development Enhancing Activities: The noteworthy activities are: solar home-system, environment-friendly stove, cross-breed hen and saplings of dram-stick and fruit’s trees distribution; installing and repairing bamboo and ring culverts, tube-wells and sanitary latrines; providing trainings and workshops to the youth; begging eradication activities, making the coordination among government and non-government organizations and the program’s activities and so on.