Sustainable Enterprise Project (SEP)

SSS, with the financial and technical assistances from PKSF, started on SEP activities to implement in July 2019, which is ornamented with the goal—to grow toxin-free pineapple by the practice of good agricultural methods, and working area—in the boundaries of Modhupur, Chapri, Garobazar and Jalchhatra branches under Tangail District.

The key objectives of the project are:

  • To ensure the supply of safe pineapple in the market.
  • To run sustainable business following environment-friendly approaches.
  • To make the stakeholders alert on health safety in all value-chain practices.
  • To extend the production of the pineapple through good agro-methods practices in the Modhupur Cluster.
  • To enhance capacity of the micro-entrepreneurs by the means of providing training.