Message from Executive Director

SSS, one of the national-level leading development organizations, has been adding to values in the agro-fishery-livestock, small trades, handicrafts, mini garments, transports, direct services, and so forth of rural and urban economy through implementing pragmatic strategies and a variety of people-oriented socioeconomic activities, which swell up the income, assets and living standard, engender self and wage-employments at the grassroots and escalate our economy. As on 30 June 2022, under the umbrella of SSS, a total of 9,49,457 families included themselves as the group-member, of them, 1,93,523 are entrepreneurs. In 2021-22, the organization as a part of financial services facilitated credit disbursement of Tk. 6,194.44 crore by the solemn efforts of 5,991 devoted employees under 551 branch offices.

SSS always stands by the general people, even if—in the pandemic, the organization put the all activities and services into active. Particularly, the organization carried on financial services, positive motivation, relief and rehabilitation, health and nutrition cares and so on activities in favor of the people. In 2021-22, the health program made avail healthcares to 1,14,792 people, Education and Child Development Program provided benefits to 2,268 students belonging to the non-take-up families and the Livelihood Development of the Elderly Persons Program afforded services to 1,106 people. In the reporting period, the organization spent Tk. 12.59 crore on social welfare and development as grant-in-aid.

In the field of development, the organization, giving emphasis on the need and welfare of the target people, took up Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and national and international tools to design and implement the programs and projects for poverty alleviation. Conversely, SSS straightforwardly contributes to the national exchequer through paying the right amount of Tax and VAT various ways, especially–on bills and deposits, and complies with the Tax and VAT law and regulations in the applicable cases.

As a vital part of promoting holistic and sustainable development, the organization has been conducting some comprehensive development activities in the field of agro-fishery-livestock through supplying inclusive financial and technical services and proper information (of market and price), which shore up a number of sustained enterprises in the working area as well. Many of them—Dragon Fruit Cultivation, PACE (cow rearing and dairy farm) and Indigenous and Kadaknath Chicken Rearing projects are mentionable. Concurrently, Nation-building through Eradication Malnutrition (NEM) Program, Improvement of Pineapple Qualities through Good Agricultural Practices of Madhupur Zone (IPGAP) project under SEP, Extended Community Climate Change-Flood (ECCCP-Flood) project and Rural Microenterprise Transformation Project (RMTP) are engaged in conserving ecological balance, producing safe fruits and foods and making better livelihoods in the grassroots.

To secure the quality, efficiency and creativity in very stage, SSS draws up nonstop meticulous efforts. The organization undertook the standard policies, strategies, leadership, good governance, transparency, efficiency, technologies and professionalism and also confers highest priority to turn the people (both of staff members and group-members) into resourceful and prolific through training, education, mentoring and study tours. In 2021-22, the organization set to arranging a variety of training courses with 6,431 participants, wherein, 2,298 were employees and 4,133 group-members.

I place my greetings and wishes to our development partners, government and non-government agencies, banks and other financial institutions, especially—MRA, NGO Affairs Bureau, Social Services Department, Joint Stock Company, PKSF, Bangladesh Bank, Government different departments and ministries. We are truly thankful to the members of our General Body and Executive Committee for their endless collaboration to switch on the organizational vision, mission, core values and strategies. I put my affection and appreciation to the employees and group-members, who always try their best to attain the objectives of the organization with dedication and hard-work.


With Thanks,

Abdul Hamid Bhuiyan
Executive Director, SSS