Message from Executive Director

I feel great happiness putting out the SSS Annual Report 2020-2021. In the recent passing year, we went through a troublesome period, as COVID-19 invited misfortune in the social and economic dimensions, which  compelled overall progress to wend with downfall or stagnant. Albeit, SSS with solemn efforts undertook initiatives to carry on the activities, called in the result— we overtook the scenario and realized the success.

COVID-19 pandemic streamed up the socioeconomic growth toward the collapse, especially—the microcredit market kept into the place: there was thousands of credit outstanding to the people, but there was no means to pay back the money to the organization, which cropped up liquidity crisis and scarcity in microfinance program. SSS, to tackle down the hard luck, mapped out a set of steps to save the people (employees and group-members) and encourage them to continue the responsibility and activities. The organization extended the opportunities of withdrawing the savings and getting credit to the group-members and afforded the all employees with full salary and allowances, necessary leaves, medical supports with zero percent of dismissing rate. The organization paid out Tk. 4.20 crore as grant-in-aid among the pandemic affected group-members and the society.


SSS, one of the national-level top-fifth leading development organizations, has been putting a range of people-genial and socioeconomic uplifting activities into implementation to alleviate poverty and disparity from the society through boosting up the rural and urban economy.       The major intervention of the organization is: to utilize assets and potentiality suitable way for poverty eradication through employing the economic activities and financial service. As on 30 June 2021, under the umbrella of SSS, a total of 7,70,044 families settled down themselves as the group-member. In 2020-21, the organization as a part of financial services facilitated credit disbursement of Tk. 4,304.54 crore, whereas, credit outstanding figured up Tk. 2,483.10 crore, overall recovery rate was 99.83 percent and saving balance stood at Tk. 1,240.53 crore. In the reporting year, the organization secured 106.50 percent growth on the surplus comparing to the previous years, at the end of the year, equity summed up Tk. 744.21 crore,  and total debt to equity ratio 2.27 : 1 by the earnest efforts 5,088 devoted employees under 438 branch offices.

In the field of development, the organization, giving emphasis on the need and welfare of  the target people, took up Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) mechanism and national and international tools relevant to poverty annihilation cordially to design and implement the programs and projects, which sketch out a collection of services, to be precise: inclusive financial and technical services with novel ideas, added to values in the agro-fishery-livestock, small trades, handicrafts, mini garments, transports, personal services, and the like sectors of rural and urban economy, which drew self and wage-employments. As a positive outcome, there were engendered 1.56 lac entrepreneurs, empowerment of 7.70 lac women and destitute people and growing leadership among more than one lac women—all are engaged into acceleration of earnings, assets and living standard of the underprivileged people at the grassroots, which swell up our national economy with recognition. SSS, straightforwardly contributes to the national exchequer through paying the right amount of Tax and VAT various ways, especially on bills and deposits and complies with the Tax and VAT law and regulations applicable cases.

Concurrently, from the very beginning, the organization has been pulling over multifarious activities to amplify the social services and welfare with holistic modus-operandi, seeking accentuation on healthcares, education and child development, social degradation reduction, unemployment eradication, and others in the society.  In 2020-21, the organization made avail healthcares to 94,545 people through health program led by SSS Hospital and Primary Healthcare Program. A total of 3,045 students belonging to the non-take-up families extracted benefit from the Education and Child Development Program. The organization extended services to 3,420 elderly people under the Livelihood Development Program for the Elderly Persons. Alongside, the organization laid out Tk. 67.71 lac as grant-in-aid in the social development and welfare activities in the reporting year.

The organization always scrutinizes new idea, available opportunity, market demand and profitability to speed up the economic growth of the group-members in the field of agro-fishery-livestock. To vibrate these sectors, the organization supplies the people with information, technology transfer, financial and technical support, which grow up sustained income generation enterprises and uproots the poverty in the grassroots. Among others, in the agro-filed, Dragon Fruit Cultivation Project is conspicuous, taking up more than two thousand farmers in its services. In the field of livestock PACE and Indigenous Chicken Rearing projects flow up10 thousand farmers well-off through the special mechanisms.


To endorse prudence socioeconomic atmosphere with prolonged outcome, the organization, running after comprehensive development activities, shores up talent in development in integrated and natural ways to fit up lengthened and enriched future. Many of the activities in the domination, Nation-building through Eradication Malnutrition (NEM) Program (with 50 thousand beneficiary families), the Improvement of Pineapple Qualities through Good Agricultural Practices of Madhupur Zone (IPGAP) Project under SEP (with three thousand Farmers), Extended Community Climate Change-Flood (ECCCP-Flood) Project (with four thousand families) and Tree Plantation Activities are mentioned (across the working area).


To flourish the organization with quality and goodwill, SSS keeps weight and preference to espouse and practices standard policies and procedures, which make ensure good governance, efficiency, professionalism and transparency. The organization also confers highest priority to turn the people (both of staff members and group-members) into resourceful and prolific through training, education, mentoring and study tours. In 2020-21, the organization set to arranging 76 training sessions with 1,789 participants, where, 921 were employees and 868 group-members.


Our passage toward the apex of the prosperity, where humanity and probity are in the high, gets move endlessly, in where, inventiveness, ethics, resources and modus-operandi completely dig up the utilities to cash out the efficacy of all attentions, and automation and digitalization foster the venture intended for building hunger and poverty-free society with expansion in collocations and network-dimension.


I place my greetings and wishes to our development partners, government and non-government agencies, banks and other non-banking financial institutions including PKSF and Bangladesh Bank for their services and direction, what drive the organization toward the position of enrichment. Above all we are grateful to Microcredit Regulatory Authority (MRA), NGO Affairs Bureau, Social Services Department, Joint Stock Company, other legal bodies and ministries including Ministry of Social Welfare, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, Ministry of Labor and Employment, Ministry of Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment  and Prime Minister Secretariat of the Government of Bangladesh for their indispensable supports to SSS.

In the same coerce, we are truly thankful and indebted to our General Body and Executive Committee for their eternal support, motivation, collaboration and direction to handle the organizational strategy, core values, mission and vision.

I put my solemn affection and appreciation to the employees, who always tries their best to attain the objectives of the organization with dedication and hard work. I am also appreciative to our valued group-members and stakeholders for their genuine concern, fanaticism and promise.


With Thanks,


Hamid Bhuiyan

Executive Director, SSS