Message from Chairperson

I express my greeting to all. SSS, since the initiation, has been keeping a set of socioeconomic and people-friendly activities with innovation into implementation to optimize the proper utilization of assets and ecological balance, which uplift the livelihoods and financial conditions of the underprivileged people. In the vibrant mechanism of the organization, well-coordination among the new-ideas, financial and technical services and potentiality speed up the prosperity-cycle. Consequently, the living standard and income generation are boosted up at the grassroots. In the development arena, the energetic growth, integrity, congenial leadership, pragmatic strategies, novelty and enrichment philosophy endowed the organization with the goodwill and recognition over the nation and world.

I would like to place my compassion to the families of the members of the general and executive committees, employees and group-members of SSS who passed away in 2021-22. May the Almighty keep their departed souls into peace!

I also convey my best regards to the honorable members of the general and executive committees of SSS, the delegates of the donor and networking organizations, officials of government and non-government organizations, and the staff and group-members. SSS, with development-friendly activities and success, would go forward forever—is our genial expectation.

Murshed Alam Sarker
Chairman, SSS