Uplifting the Quality of the Lives of the Elderly People Program

With the vivacious steps to eradicate present obstacles on way of living of old-aged people, improve their lifestyle, create an elders-friendly society and construct a bridge of relationship between the younger and elders, SSS has been implementing the uplifting the qualities of the lives of the elderly people program in Dainna and Hugra Unions of Tangail Sadar Upazilla, financial support from PKSF since the beginning of 2016. A survey was conducted which made find the 4,291 elderly people are in the working area. Among them 1,106 elderly people were included in this program. To put smoothness in the program two social centers for elderly persons were established in Dainna and Hugra union, besides, two central committees at union-level and 18 ward committees were formed.

The functions under the program are: imparting training on uplifting the quality of lives and IGAs; providing supporting equipment like blankets, shawls, walking sticks, commode-chairs, umbrellas, wheel-chairs and old-age allowance; observing the elderly people and national days, executing funeral rites, organizing elderly people fair and arranging monthly meetings and seminars; extending physiotherapy and primary healthcares and financial services; paying the best elders and best son accreditation to the selected people etcetera mentionable.

The uplifting the qualities of the lives of the elderly people program has drawn the attention of people within a short time. The activities under the program have become the supportive to the underprivileged elderly people. Especially, in the working area they are getting priority in the family as well as in the society and their rights are firmly established both in family and social life.


Activities under the Elderly People Program