IPGAP Project

Improvement of Pineapple Qualities through Good Agricultural Practices of Madhupur Zone (IPGAP) is a sub-project under Sustainable Enterprise Project (SEP) financed by PKSF has been implementing in Madhupur, Chapri, Garobazar and Jalchhatra Branches of SSS under Tangail District since  July 27, 2020. The goal of the project is to cultivate safe and quality pineapple by the means of practicing good agricultural principles.


A Farmer Cultivates Pineapple under IPGAP Project

The key objectives of the project include: to ensure the supply of safe pineapple in the market, run sustainable business following environment-friendly approaches, make the stakeholders alert of health safety, extend the production of the pineapple through maintaining good agro-principles in the Modhupur Zone, and enhance capacity of the micro-entrepreneurs providing them with financial services, technical support and training. As on 30 June 2021, an amount of Tk. 14.45 crore was disbursed to 2,761 farmers.


Table-9: Activities of the Pineapple Project

Particulars Achievement

in 2020-21



No. of Upazilla 02 02
No. of Branch 04 04
No. of Families 1200 1200
Credit Disbursement (Crore Tk.) 16.88 22.88
No. of Demonstration Farms 50 50
No. of Workshop Organized 03 03
No. of Training Organized 12 12
Distribution of Equipment

(No. of Farmers)

1200 1200
Environment Card Distribution (No.) 1200 1200
Sign and Symbol Distribution (No.) 500 500
First Aid Box Distribution (No.) 300 300
Poster Distribution (No.) 1200 1200