SSS-Poura Ideal High School

Children and adolescents, belonging to Horijan, Rabidas and Chawhan communities, are always lagged behind. To launch activities into application, for the development of the children, released a paramount chapter of SSS’ working collocation in 1994. After that, it traversed a long-path along with keeping education, culture and development activities in action. Following this sequence, SSS-Poura Ideal High School was established in Tangail in 2015.

At present, some 477 students possessing play-group to class ten are studying there, financed by the organization. Of them, 153 students are from Horijan, Rabidas and Chauhan communities.


The eminent uniqueness of the school is noted below:

  • Modern and excellent campus with necessary equipment and experienced and efficient teachers.
  • Opportunity to study for all children along with Horijan, Rabidas and Chawhan communities.
  • Imposing emphasis on English language and ICT learning.
  • English version from nursery to class three.
  • Providing nutrition and healthcare free of cost.


SSS-Poura Ideal High School

Harijan Palli, Kandapara

Tangail Sadar, Tangail

Cell: 01709922584, 01708423368