SSS Sonar Bangla Children Home

In 1999, the organization, to rescue and rehabilitate the children and adolescents belonging to the sex workers, came to establish SSS Sonar Bangla Children Home on 9.5 acres land (owned by the organization). It is situated in the village Kuijbari of Mogra union under Tangail Sadar and financed by TdH-Netherlands till 2015. The goal of the program comprise to develop and set up the children belonging to the sex-workers pursuing a well-defined discipline and education.

As on 30 June 2022, there are 66 students in the home, wherein 28 are boys and 38 girls. Of them, 13 students read in primary, 32 in secondary, 12 in higher secondary (general and diploma) and 9 in university levels. Likewise, 24 students got married and 36 were employed into jobs (21 in SSS and 11 in other organization) under the responsibility of SSS.

The organization affords the children with the opportunities of residence, food, clothing, education, healthcares etc at-no-cost. Along with, they also get the facilities of job and marriage under the guardianship of the organization. The children receive training and exercise on dance, singing, karate, recitation, acting, and the rest under an experienced cultural team. It is pertinent to state, the donor organization did not continue to finance the project.