In order to execute its administrative activities, SSS formed Administration Department in 1996. A total of 59 staffs work under the department at present. The Administration Department of SSS include four separate sections:


  • Administration section
  • Construction Section
  • Store Section
  • SSS Rest House


Administration Section: Administration Section is the core part of Administration Department of SSS. The section operates in coordination with other departments and different offices at field level with a view to meeting organizational needs and achieving determined target. A total of 42 staffs are working under the section at present.


Activities of the section include:

  • Preparing, preserving and disseminating office circulars, policies and different approval letters.
  • Keeping, preparing, maintaining and distributing the conference room according to demand.
  • Taking administrative steps against the accused staffs
  • Preparing transfer, appointment, dismissal, training, retirement and other related letters
  • Supervising different lawsuit related activities
  • Maintaining and repairing electronic machineries
  • Supervising and monitoring the activities of reception, store, construction, SSS rest house, messengers, cooks, security guards and cleaners of head office
  • Preserving service rule, TIN certificates and structuralism
  • Checking and preserving attendance and movement registers
  • Participating in purchase and selling committee
  • Attending and organizing different national and religious day ceremonies
  • Purchasing and maintaining goods of store etc.


Construction Section: SSS launched construction section on 01 August 2001. Presently, a total of 11 staffs are working under the section. The activities of the section are:

  • Buying and maintaining lands
  • Supervising SSS Furniture Project
  • Maintaining SSS Bhaban
  • Maintaining the lift and power generator of SSS Bhaban
  • Supervising sanitary related activities

Store Section: A total of three staffs work under the store section including a store-in-charge. The activities of the section include: collecting requisition of goods, machineries and stationeries from various departments, programs and sections of SSS, preserving stock and distributing accordingly; keeping communication with press houses, collecting tenders and processing tenders, etc.; preserving unused and unnecessary goods sent from different sections and selling them through concerned committee and so on.


SSS Rest House: SSS launched its own rest house in a rented building in July 2000 with the purpose of hospitality. Later, SSS bought the building in February 2016 in order to continue its rest house activities. Presently, three staffs including a manager are engaged to provide overall support in the SSS Rest House. This rest house is used for the hospitality of donors and guests of development partners.