At a glance

Society for Social Service (SSS ) is a national-level non-government development organization, has got establishment in 1986 through limitless initiatives of a group of committed individuals. The organization has been conducting various welfare and pro-development activities for about three decades, whereas inclusive sustainable development is the central attempt for the families and society.

Target People

Well-organized and devoted to development members belonging to underprivileged families are the target-people (members) of SSS. Till 30 June 2018, members of the organization stand at 612,868wherein 594,945 are female, 15,620 male and 2,303 children. In the macro-level consideration, about 4.5 million people are being benefited through the impacts of activities of SSS as well.


The key program of SSS is to supply financial services to alleviate poverty. Simultaneously, for sustainable development, there are some innovative, pro-welfare and people-friendly activities of the organization. Among them, healthcare, education and child development, vocational and technical education, nation-building through eradicating malnutrition (NEM), human-resource development, training, agriculture (crop, fish, livestock and afforestation) extension, disaster management and rehabilitation, begging eradication, research and publication, social development and welfare, culture and sports,  advocacy and networking, and so on are mentionable.

Human Resources

Up to 30 June 2018, there are 4,170 workers in SSS, where 976 are female and 3,194 male. On the other hand, in term of regularization, the organization has 3,914 regular and 256 project workers.

Working Area

As of 30 June 2018, SSS reached its activities in 31 districts of Bangladesh. In the grassroots, a total of 11,295 villages, 1,322 unions, 133 municipalities and 186 upazilas are included in the working area. To carry out activities of the organization, there are 13 zone, 61 area, 353 branch and 07 special offices under a head office.