Audit justifies whether account or transaction activities are executed properly or systematically.

Business affairs of the world have seen huge advancement with the evolution of civilization. As a result of this matter, the importance of audit becomes inevitable. The utmost necessity of audit results in its wide application both in business and non-business organizations. Audit plays an important role in all kinds of government and non-government institutions including single proprietary and partnership businesses and joint capital businesses.

SSS facilitates audit activities with a view to keeping its running operations spontaneous according to the organizational policies/circulars/guidelines, verifying accounts related transparency, being fully acquainted with income-expense, pointing out strong and weak sides and making the authority informed about all direct and indirect validations with necessary guidelines.

Presently, audit department of SSS consists of 16 staffs including a Deputy Director, two computer operators and 14 team members who are directly involved in audit activities. SSS has been operating its audit activities with this human resource in 13 zones, 56 areas and 328 branches. Besides, store section of SSS head office, SSS Hospital, SSS Training Centre, Sonar Bangla Children Home and SSS Rest House also come under audit operations of SSS.

SSS has been facilitating the following audit activities at present:

  • Comprehensive audit
  • Special/emergency audit

In 2015-16, audit team of SSS has completed comprehensive audit in 179 branch, 27 area, 7 zone and 5 other offices; and special/emergency audit in 35 branches.