Human Resources

Four factors of production are: land, labor, capital and entrepreneur. Among them, both labor (staffs) and entrepreneur (leadership) consist of men, the greatest creature. Both of the human resource-based factors bear utmost importance in either material production or services. The expansion and development of an organization depend mostly on the skills, creativity, adequacy, positive views and productivity of human resources. Since its inception, SSS has been implementing diversified materialistic activities for the development of human resources.

Goal and Work-management

The main goal of human resource development department of SSS is to form a skillful and dedicated staff group and strategic and dynamic leadership at every sector in order to ensure optimum use of capacity and assets of the organization. SSS has been directing its human resources towards the right way of technology and positive stream of development under the following policies:

  • Appointing staffs based on demand following the distinctive process of the organization
  • Alleviating knowledge-related shortcomings of staffs through training and practical education and ultimately building their capacity
  • Bringing out hidden potentialities and competences of staffs by creating suitable and dynamic work-environment
  • Building a prompt and dedicated staff-force in combination with education-culture and skill-capacity
  • Placing right person at the right place at the right time based on aptitude and productivity
  • Preparing up-to-date organizational etiquettes, creating and implementing work-friendly environment
  • Establishing a culture of values with the practice of honesty, devotion, ethics, mutual respect and positive mentality.

Implemented Activities

Human resources department of SSS has formally been implementing various realistic  activities since 2006 for making newly appointed staffs suitable in respected jobs, developing skills and capacities of regular staffs, ensuring strategic and dynamic leadership at every sector and overall progress of the organization. The mentionable activities among them are as follows:

Staff Management: Human resource department executes overall activities, from staff appointment to retirement, very skillfully. Important activities among them are: demand-based recruitment, posting, orientation, training, evaluation, transfer, promotion, annual increment, activities related to personal information/file preparation, review, preservation and recommendations to higher authority for removing anomalies, recommendations to higher authority for the revision and review of pay scale every two to three years keeping conformity with the inflation and prevalent price hike of daily necessities of life, creating leadership for the sake of program implementation and implementing leadership wherever necessary etc.

Information-technology Management: A particular cell under human resource department of SSS provides information and technology related services. The information-technology management cell provides support related to overall computer set-up, maintenance, internet connection, printing accessories, repairing, mobile SIM management and so on activities to all offices of SSS.

Website Management: Human resource department of SSS is in charge of overall control and management of the website( of SSS. The overall activities of SSS are presented in the website. The human resource department of SSS facilitates website related activities like: website maintenance, any change or modification, updating to new version, information addition/subtraction, uploading necessary publication and recruitment notices, storing bio-data of job candidates, arranging training and workshops for the capacity building of website maintenance etc.

Automation Activities: SSS has initiated automation activities with a view to making overall accounting process technology-based and easier. In this context, SSS signed an agreement with Data Soft Limited (an Automation Company) on May 2015 for the preparation and maintenance of automation software. According to the agreement, Data Soft has been performing the activities of making overall accounting and information preservation process of all branch offices and the head office technical and automated within due time. With the successful implementation of the activities, SSS expects to perform all activities related to book-keeping, necessary report preparation, data analysis, fast services to group members, activity management and monitoring easier within short period of time.

Transport Management: The human resource department controls transport related activities of SSS. Under the transport management activities, SSS maintains its 33 transports, arranges training and development activities for drivers, receives vehicle requisition from various staffs for either personal or official use and provides demanded vehicles under management approval, maintains transport-fuel measures and activities, adopts steps to keep vehicles usable and so on.

Purchase and Procurement Activities: The human resource department also maintains purchase of various accessories and services according to demand. The department executes activities of receiving product and service  requisitions, demand analysis, budget and price evaluation, budget approval, purchase committee formation and other related activities in a well-organized way.

SLIM Program: SLIM (SSS Learning Institute of Microfinance) is an innovative and distinguished training effort of SSS. Creating skillful and innovative human resource or managers in combination with theoretical and practical knowledge of microfinance and development is the main objective of the program. SSS added a new dimension to its training activities with the program in November 2014.

SSS facilitates a savings, credit and management related training course of six months under the SLIM program. The training is mainly based on both practical and theoretical knowledge in the presence or absence of the work-environment. Although the training course has mainly been designed for the trainee assistant branch managers, field organizers also receive training under the program at present. The human resource, training and credit department jointly facilitate the program.

Miscellaneous Activities: Apart from the above-mentioned activities, human resource department of SSS is also related either directly or indirectly to some other activities. Among them, some important activities are: providing overall support to printing related activities of SSS, providing assistance to the monitoring activities of health and training program, participating in the investigational activities, tour management, event management, distance allowance management etc.

Result and Achievement Review

The human resource department of SSS has spontaneously been implementing and facilitating diversified activities for ensuring capacity and productivity of SSS, its disciplined work-environment, motivational rules and orders and long-term development. The mentionable and important achievements of the department during 2016-17 are presented below:

Staff Management: As on 30 June 2017, a total of 3,880  staffs are engaged in SSS. Among them, 954 are female and 2,926 male.

During 2016-17, a total of 806 staffs were appointed in SSS. On the other hand, 172 staffs left SSS either willingly or for some personal reasons. During the reporting period, 24 staffs received golden handshake and one staff retired.

347 staffs were promoted, 2,422 received annual increments, 516 staffs were made regular and 1,733 were transferred.

Information-technology Management: During 2016-17, a total of 205 new computers, 15 internet connections, and 2,380 SIM cards were provided to different offices of SSS. During the reporting period, 400 computers were repaired, 2,000 computers were set-up with new WINDOWS and 60 anti-virus software were provided.

Website Management: The website of SSS faces a complete modification under the instruction of authority in the last year. All data, information and other necessary figures in this dynamic website were renewed. Apart from that, five discussion meetings and one training and workshop were arranged for the website development.

Automation Activities: As on 30 June 2017, 332 branches under 56 area of 13 zones of SSS have come under the automation activities.

SLIM Program: During the reporting period, 90 trainee assistant branch managers and 607 field organizers were provided with training under the program. Among them, 62 assistant branch managers and 511 field organizers completed training  and took responsibilities in their respective positions. Moreover, 20 assistant branch managers were promoted as branch managers and 20 as operational branch managers.