Jamia Goes Ahead with Confidence and Hard-work

“I, with my sincere desire, would secure a good result in the upcoming HSC examination and get admission into a university. After honors degree, I will have to manage a suitable job, which brings about smile and happiness in my mother. I also cherish a dream in my soul, I would bear the all expenses of my younger sister, so that she can get higher education properly”…said Jamia Akter, a self-determined and diligent girl.

Jamia is completely different and identical from the contemporary students in her college. She goes forward with study by the means of her own earning from the very childhood. At present, she is 17 and studying in higher secondary, business studies group in Vivekananda High School and College, Tangail.

Jamia, because of poverty, obliged to start earning money through working in the households of the other, when she was five. Two years ago, she left the domestic work, but for maintaining her educational and other expenses, she gives tuition to two-three students. Momena, mother of Jamia informs, her daughter used to cook and take care of children in the house of Mr. Rafiqul Islam and Mrs. Eliza Akhter for several years at Bottola in Tangail. Eliza Akhter extended her hand to Jamia to continue her study.

Jamia strongly stands up on self-respect. Jamia does not let her classmates know about her family condition and hard-work. She would not like, people show her pity and sympathy. She goes ahead with hard-work and confidence.

Jamia has four sisters and one brother. Her elder sister, Sultana, Rekha and Reshma got married and the younger one, Jolekha is in class nine in Ananda Bidya Niketan High School. Her only brother does masonry in the town and earn a little.

SSS has been putting activities into application for the education and development of domestic children (children, from ultra poor families, engaged in chars of well-off families, in exchange for some money or food) since 1999. Under the activities, there are 10 education centers in Tangail. Every education centre possesses 25 students and one female teacher. Jamia was a student of an education centre under this program. She is now very well with her study.