Micro Credit

The function of micro-credit is of utmost importance in socioeconomic development of Bangladesh. Although SSS emerged in November 1986, it started to implement micro-credit program in 1991. It formed the official credit section under a section chief in 1993. Then, gradually, today’s Credit Department of SSS came into being with a Director in its front during 1997-98.

Goal: Goal of credit department includes ascertaining the activities of credit program and ensuring smooth operation of credit activities.

Activities: Activities of credit department of SSS are:

  • Policy making
  • Planning and budget
  • Program coordination
  • Overall program monitoring and supervision
  • Organizing and attending different internal/external meetings and workshops
  • Coordinating inter-departmental matters
  • Maintaining coordination with donors/fund providers
  • Maintaining registration authorities/networking agencies
  • Report analysis
  • Staff development.

Human Resource: At present, five Deputy Directors and two Senior Program Managers under a Director are supervising the overall credit activities of SSS. Apart from that, 13 Zonal Managers, 56 Area Managers, 328 Branch Managers and 1742 Field Organizers at grassroots level are providing overall supports to the credit program.