Mission,Vision and Objectives


Mission includes: organizing the target people, designing and implementing sensible programs to build up human-resources, employing assets and opportunities properly, providing inclusive financial services and ensuring sustainable development in the society.


The vision of the organization is to set up peace and justice through formulating positive changes in socioeconomic conditions of the underprivileged people in the society.


» Encouraging and organizing the target-people for socioeconomic development;

» Eradicating malnutrition through making consciousness and providing healthcare;

» Providing technical and financial services for sanitation and safe drinking water;

» Ensuring empowerment and encouraging women to prevent repression, dowry, . irrational divorce and polygamy;

» Implementing benevolent activities to stop early marriage, juvenile delinquencies . and antisocial activities;

» Rehabilitating orphans, elderly and destitute people and uprooting beggary;

» Making schools child-friendly, establishing child rights and arranging education . for poor meritorious students;

» Providing financial services to the target-people’s IGAs to reduce poverty;

» Budding up capacities of men and women, irrespective gender, for self-employment and wage-employment; and

» Conserving environment, employing eco-friendly activities and conducting relief and rehabilitation activities during the disasters.