Remittance Transfer Program: SSS started Remittance Transfer Program in order to deliver foreign money to its group members in an easy and fast way. The program was introduced on 16 July 2011. Presently, SSS has been implementing the program in association with Western Union, Express Money, Moneygram and RIA. The Remittance Transfer Program is extended to the entire working area. Members of the organization and other people in the society are being specially benefitted by getting this kind of services. Remittance has been received mostly from KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, Qatar, USA, UK, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore.

Progress of Remittance Transfer Program: During 2016-17, SSS has transferred Tk. 12.34 crore of 4,126 group members under the program. During 2016-17, 216 per cent more money has been transferred and there is a 198 per cent increase in group members in comparison with 2015-16.