Research & Publication

A realistic and transparent publication is required for the preservation of innovativeness, creativity, success and overall progress via proper channel, presenting them to the related person or institution and for an  unrestricted communication. Research and  publication bears utmost importance in the development sector. SSS included itself in research and publication activities since its inception.

Goal and Policy

The main objective of research and publication program of SSS is the welfare and enrichment of both the organization and its group members through extension of innovativeness and creativity and materialistic publication and presentation of all success and achievements. The policies of research and publication program of SSS are as follows:

  • Realistic improvement of innovativeness and creativity of SSS for socio-economic development of the target people
  • Discovery of new and updated policies, examination and establishment of realistic models
  • Evaluation of old activities and verification of appropriateness and utility before the implementation of new activities
  • Data collection, processing, analysis and preparation of appropriate information
  • Presentation of the success, development, innovativeness and overall progress of SSS to the target people through an easy and smooth channel, and
  • Preserving overall information of the organization and delivering them to the concerned persons and institutions based on demand.


Implemented Activities

Investigation, observation, innovation and data-information preservation and positive communication are the main activities of research and publication of SSS. The department has been performing a number of innovative tasks and initiatives for facilitating and implementing the given activities. The important activities and initiatives of the department are as follows:


Research Activities: SSS has been implementing development and welfare activities following both formal and informal research methods for the sustainable development of neglected and destitute people of the society. In the informal research, problem identification and the way of solution are determined by the process of estimation, survey, observation and examination. In the formal research, the activities regarding the preparation of research synopsis,  research conducting,  data analysis and practical recommendations are performed for certain problem identification and their easy solution. A distinguished model is prepared under special circumstance. SSS follows same procedures for the analysis and evaluation of old and running programs or projects and problems, potentialities and utilities regarding new programs or projects are verified and analyzed before their proper implementation.

On the other hand, the activities such as analysis of group members’ success, evaluation of their socio-economic condition, data collection and analysis according to organizational demand, case studies, data collection according to the demand of various government and non-government divisions and offices, report writing and delivering and so on are on-going. The research and publication department have also been implementing activities related to regular observation, examination and evaluation for the development of its publication quality, language excellence and the eye-pleasing cover and page design.

Publication Activities: The image of an organization is reflected in the acceptable and attractable publication. SSS conducts publication activities for preserving practical and written documents of its development and welfare activities. In this respect, the research and publication department has been implementing activities such as collection of running events, news, information and still pictures, data analysis (graphs, tables and details), report preparation, editing, cover page designing, cover and page drawing, preparation of printable matters, sending them to press, providing final publication to the concerned person and institutions and preservation of all information and publication.

The important publications of SSS are: annual reports, quarterly bulletins, brochures, books and booklets on special programs or projects, leaflets, flayers, office files, folders, pads, diaries etc. Besides, the department is responsible for updating necessary data, information and publication timely in the website.

Preservation of Data and Publication and Library Activities: All publications of SSS, books, authentic documents, subject-wise collected books, research papers, newspapers, pictures and videos are preserved in the library according to the importance and order. The preserved books and other components are provided to the staffs based on their demand and recovered after a certain period of time. Apart from that , the department has hundreds of necessary information of SSS on different matters. Any staff can avail the necessary information support from this vast store of information. These data and information are collected and updated on a monthly basis. The department provides these information based on demand of different divisions and persons both inside and outside the organization.

Miscellaneous Responsibilities and Activities: A representative of the research and publication department attends different events, visit of donor organizations and other honorable personalities, different national and international days observation, meetings, seminars, trainings, workshops, fairs, exhibitions etc and prepares news and press-releases based on them. The department is also responsible for preparing the proceedings of meetings held in the head office. Under the instruction of the authority and management, the department provides support regarding the preparation of publication, booklets, advertisements, banners, invitation letters etc. of other departments. Apart from that, the department provides necessary information on behalf of its group members to different national and international competitions and performs the formalities.


Result Analysis of Implemented Activities

The research and publication department of SSS has performed a number of activities and responsibilities during 2016-17 for presenting the positive image of the organization, practice and expression of innovativeness and creativity, presenting and communicating transparent information to concerned institutions and persons. The achievement of important activities are as follows:

Research Activities: During 2016-17, SSS conducted a short explanatory and analytical research entitled “SSS Agro-microcredit: An inspiration in Development”  with second-level data and information. The research dissertation was published in January-March 2017 issue of SSS Bulletin. Two post-graduation-level students of Business Administration department of Mawlana Bhasani Science and Technology University of Tangail conducted two individual research works on the credit program of SSS. The research works were: The Role of Micro-finance in Creating Woman Entrepreneurs and Sustainable Development: The Role of Microcredit Program. The research and publication department provided overall support in these research works. Especially, the students were cooperated with the activities of making questionnaires, research method development, data collection and data input via SPSS software, data analysis and evaluation and editing of the research papers.

An evaluation and explanatory book of 60 pages entitled “ENRICH Program: A New Development Initiative” was prepared. The book was printed and published with financial support from PKSF. Besides, a research work entitled “Causes and Propensity of Intentional Resignation of Staffs at Field Level: an Investigation and Analysis” is undergoing.

Apart from that, the department performed demand-based necessary data collection, report preparation and delivered them to the Finance Ministry for the composition of Bangladesh Economic Review 2016 (both Bengali and English). The department also collected useful information, prepared reports and sent them to the office of Deputy Commissioner of Tangail for the purpose of making NGO related portal. Necessary information, authentic documents and reports were also provided to the concerned authority for ensuring participation of SSS in the Independence Award 2016. The department performed the activities related to collecting and analyzing  necessary information, writing reports, collecting information on behalf of the group members, preparing case-studies and sent them to the concerned persons for the participation of SSS in Citi-group Micro-entrepreneur Award 2017. Besides, the department also provided supporting information for research works of PKSF, INF, MRA, CDF and some other organizations.

Publication Activities: The activities related to the preparation of news, rewriting, editing, page designing and printing of SSS Bulletins of July-September 2016, October-December 2016, January-March 2017, April-June 2017 (both in Bengali and English) were performed.

The research and publication department compiled, edited and printed the SSS Diary 2017.

The department collected, analyzed and preserved information, pictures and  documents of all programs of SSS. The annual report of SSS (2016-17) in both Bengali and English were written, compiled, edited and printed. The department also prepared and published SSS Brochure, folders, pads, leaflets and flayers of different programs and events. Besides, a distinguished publication activity on the welfare fund of SSS is presently ongoing.

During the reporting period, the department provided all necessary information and details to the concerned division for keeping SSS website updated. It also attended various important day and event celebrations and prepared and published press-releases. Concept papers or brochures on the activities of different departments of SSS were also prepared based on demand.

Miscellaneous Responsibilities and Activities: Some demand-based case studies were prepared and sent to PKSF, CDF and other organizations and the given case-studies were published in various publications of the above-mentioned organizations. 12 monthly reports were sent to Tangail District Administration according to their determined table. Besides, demand-based information were sent to various departments of donor organizations, government and non-government offices and their wings.

The research and publication department also prepared proceedings of  different meetings held in the head office, especially zonal managers’ monthly coordination meeting, area managers’ monthly coordination meeting, zonal accountants’ coordination meeting, special coordination meetings, meeting of branches incurring a loss or with low-growth and distributed the same to the concerned persons. During the reporting period, the books, newspapers, publications and documents of library were rearranged. The department distributed all publications of SSS to the concerned individuals and institutions in due time.