Savings is a distinguished regulator in development finance. Savings always helps to increase skills and assets, it also plays a leading role for the proper use of investment and assets. With a view to fortifying clients’ capabilities and economic base by increasing their savings intention through income diversification, SSS has been implementing different types of savings activities. Presently, SSS implements four savings schemes and these are-

SI Name of Savings Annual Profit Minimum Savings(per month)
1 General Savings (GS) 6% 30 Taka
2 Security Savings (SSP) 6% 30 Taka
3 Voluntary Savings (VS) 6% 100 Taka
4 Fixed Deposit Receipts (FDR) 9-10%

Progress of Savings Program

During the 2016-17, SSS has collected savings of Tk. 424.05 crore from its group members. As on 30 June 2017, the cumulative savings outstanding stands at Tk. 577.10 crore. During 2016-17, 25.18 per cent more savings has been collected in comparison with 2015-16.