SSS-Poura Ideal High School

SSS has been working since 1994 with a view to creating educational opportunities for the children of neglected communities, bringing both psychological and environmental change through the practice of education and culture and giving them opportunities to meet food-nutrition and other basic needs. One of the concerned institutions in this respect is SSS-Poura Ideal High School. It was established in 2015 in Tangail. Presently, 428 children from Play-group to class nine are reading on a regular basis in the school.

Special Characteristics: Some special and important characteristics of SSS-Poura Ideal High School are as follows:

  The three-storied school has ultra-modern instruments and equipments of education;

  Teaching by a group of experienced and skillful teachers;

  Apart from Horijan, Rabidas and Chauhan communities, the school provides educational opportunities for the mainstream children and adolescents;

  Enough opportunities for technological education and technology study is mandatory;

  Opportunities of English version from nursery to class two; and

  Free health and nutrition services.

Presently, SSS-Poura Ideal High School runs under joint funding of Terre des Hommes-Netherlands and SSS itself. Now, 428 children are in SSS-Poura Ideal High School.

As on 30 June 2017, a total of 46 students from Horajan, Chauhan and Rabidas communities passed SSC, 10 passed HSC and one student completed graduation under the education activities. Three students are presently studying in general subjects in different universities, two students in BSc engineering and three students in diploma engineering.