SSS Sonar Bangla Children Home

SSS Sonar Bangla Children Home mainly acts to rescue, protect and rehabilitate children and adolescents from the brothel. It is situated in village Kuijbari of Mogra union near Tangail Sadar Upazila. It was established in 1999 with joint financial support from Terre des Hommes-Netherlands and SSS. A total of 86 children lives here at present. Among them, 46 are boys and 40 girls.

Important Characteristics: Important characteristics of Sonar Bangla Children Home are presented below:

  • Rescuing brothel children and providing them with free accommodation, food, clothes, education and healthcare;
  • Opportunities of sports, recreation, religious and technical education;
  • Opportunities to progress as normally as mainstream children through educational, cultural, psychological and physical development;
  • Unlimited chances for the children of getting higher education and overall support in marriage and getting jobs.

Presently, Sonar Bangla Children Home runs under joint funding of European Union and technical support of Terre des Hommes-Netherlands. There is a primary school here too. Children from the home and local communities study together in the school at present.

During the reporting period, 86 more children and adolescents were rehabilitated to Sonar Bangla Children Home. Among them, 46 were boys and 40 girls.

During 2016-17, 55 students attended the annual or final examination and all of them passed successfully. Eight students attended PSC examination and all of them passed. Besides, five students took part in the JSC examination and five passed among them. One student got A+.

Four students passed the SSC examination whereas four attended the same. Five students attended the HSC examination and four passed among them. Besides, four students received Diploma degree and three students completed Bachelor (Honours).

Since its inception till 30 June 2017, SSS arranged marriages for five boys and 14 girls (total 19). A total of eight children got jobs in SSS and 16 in other organizations.