Shilpi’s well-off family

Shilpi (cover photo), is a girl who could not continue with her education owing to utter poverty. Her poor father, Abdul Halim Mandal passed away and started his journey to eternity confining her golden days of childhood within premature marriage. But the daughter of Abdul Halim Mandal, who lived in Kachuadanga near Tangail town has overcome poverty now. She is living a happy life with her children and husband.

Shilpi’s husband, Ujir Uddin ran a grocery shop. It was hard for him to lead his family only on this shop. So, considering the overall condition, shilpi thought deeply about doing something new for the asset and income generation of her family. She stood by her husband. In 2011, Shilpi became a group member of SSS credit program to adopt IGAs.

In 2011, Shilpi received credit of Tk. 40,000 from SSS and bought a cow with the money. A few months later, the cow gave birth to a calf. She kept on repaying credit selling milk everyday and doing some savings.

Shilpi again took credit of Tk. 60,000 from SSS in 2012 and bought another cow. Within a year, both the cows gave birth to two separate calves. In 2013, Shilpi took credit of Tk. 60,000 once again from SSS. Then she started a grocery shop in front of her house with Tk. 2,00,000 including the money from selling two calves.

Shilpi received credit of one lac ten thousand taka from SSS in 2015 and bought two oxen. Within few months, she sold both the oxen with two lac taka. Towards the end of 2015, Shilpi built a 42 feet long tin-shed house expending five lac taka.

Recently in 2016, Shilpi took credit of Tk. 2,00,000 from SSS. She started a rice mill beside her shop expending a total of Tk. 3,00,000 including her accumulated money of one lac taka from the family.

Shilpi has five cows presently. She bought ten pairs of pigeons for her son. Apart from that, Shilpi has a concreted cowshed and 66 feet long tin-shed building. She gave three shops for rent in the tin-shed building. At present, she earns a monthly income of over Tk. 40,000 altogether from the shops, rice mill and other family sources.

There are a number of reasons behind the success of Shilpi’s family. Proper use of resources, capacities and opportunities, well-understanding between husband and wife, mutual cooperation between them and appropriate use of limited fund are mentionable among them. Shilpi was very saving-minded and economical. She disliked not only wasting anything herself but also letting any member of her family to be extravagant.