Special Programme

Financial Development encourages and makes sociocultural progress sustainable. A commitment lies for the social welfare and practice of fine culture at individual and institutional level in the developing countries. An improved sociocultural environment creates positive opportunities and way of enrichment. SSS has been implementing a number of welfare activities for the well-being of neglected and destitute people of the society.

Goal and Policy

The main objective of special program of SSS is to reduce misery in order to build a poverty and hunger-free society, alleviate development related obstacles, do welfare of the destitute people and develop the social infrastructure. SSS has been implementing the program under following policies and objectives:

  • Ensuring normal lives of people of all ages and sectors;
  • Ensuring medical services for all living in the society;
  • Keeping up educational and development advancement of meritorious children of destitute families;
  • Always extending supporting and beneficial services to the helpless humanity;
  • Building a vigorous and healthy youth society through the practice and improvement of sports and fine culture; and
  • Providing support to the development of social institutions and infrastructures.

Implemented Activities

SSS has been implementing a number of beneficial activities for more than two and a half decades under the special program for the welfare of humanity and bringing about a positive change in the society. Some important activities are as follows:

Special Support to the Helpless and Destitute People: SSS provides financial support to the neglected, helpless and vulnerable people in the society suffering from chronic diseases but do not have abilities to bear the medical expenses. It also extends support to the rehabilitation of the people affected in disasters and inversions, arranging marriages for girls of destitute families and some other activities.

Social and Welfare Activities: SSS have been providing financial support for building and repairing social establishments, roads, culverts, schools-colleges-madrasas and so on. On the other hand, SSS also extends its support to provide cash money or education accessories to the meritorious students of destitute families that cannot afford to continue their education for want of money.

Cultural Development Activities: SSS provides financial support and patronage to the celebration of national and international days in different schools, colleges and other institutions, arrangement of sports, cultural and religious ceremonies and different rural festivals.

Result Analysis of the Implemented Activities:
During 2016-17, the achievements of implemented activities under special program of SSS for the welfare and enrichment of the society are as follows:

Special Support to the Helpless and Destitute People: During 2016-17, SSS provided support of Tk. 71.82 lac as medical expenses for the treatment of chronic diseases of 602 destitute people. It also expended Tk. 16.28 lac for the rehabilitation of seven disaster-stricken families. The organization also provided grants of Tk. 3.93 lac for the sake of arranging marriages for the girls from 26 helpless and destitute families.

Social and Welfare Activities: During 2016-17, SSS provided support of Tk. 4.13 lac for the development of social establishments and infrastructures. On the other hand, Tk. 3.36 lac was provided as support for education and educational accessories.

Cultural Development Activities: During 2016-17, SSS provided grants of Tk. 6.98 lac to 497 institutions or organizations for cultural activities. Besides, Tk. 22.72 lac was provided under miscellaneous welfare components.