Training Programme

The characteristic of modern training is to apply the acquired knowledge to imposed tasks, create skilled manpower and turning manpower into a working force in self-motivated way. In order to set up all staffs (both old and new) in proper position and keep up the expected productivity, positive and innovative training has no alternative. Since its inception, SSS has been putting due importance on training program for human resource development.

Goal and Policy

Main target of SSS training program is to develop skills and capacities of all staffs in combination with theoretical and practical knowledge, adopt the acknowledged strategies for easy application of the skills and ensure optimum use of productivity for the overall development of the target people. The fundamental goals and implementation method of training program are as follows:

  • Ultra-modern infrastructure and technology-based training equipments,
  • Participatory, easy, flexible and work-centered training method,
  • Putting importance on problems and adopting due solution,
  • Providing training through modern and strategic method,
  • Emphasizing the creation of mutual trust, respect and friendly attitude, and
  • Designing training courses in line with new technology and reformation process.

SSS Training Activities

With a view to increasing skills and capacities of target people through proving them with practical and quality training and accelerating productivity in their related activities, SSS has been implementing five types of training:

  • Human Resource Development and Management Training;
  • Professional Skill Development Training;
  • Training on Income Generating Activities;
  • Special Training; and
  • Third-party Training.

Human Resource Development and Management Training: Human resource development and management training is mainly provided to increase skills and work intention of manpower in the development world and ensure proper use of resources. The trainees get training about theoretical and practical knowledge on operational strategies and office management in order to keep staffs active in the production cycle.

This kind of training is mainly for assistant branch managers, branch managers, area managers, zonal managers and head of departments.

Professional Skill Development Training: Professional skill development training has no alternative in the acute implementation of activities at the field level. Innovation and dynamism are noticeable in a person’s activities only if his/her professional skill is of higher level. Generally, the training is provided to improve professional skill and innovation of SSS staffs at field level.

Training on Income Generating Activities: Both self and wage-based employment creation through the extension of financial services is the main weapon of development. In this respect, group members of SSS get technical and management training in order to make themselves attached and sustainable in the related activities. With the training, group members bring about a positive improvement in their economic condition by increasing their skill and capacity. Generally, SSS provides the training to micro-entrepreneurs.

Special Training: Special training is arranged to fulfil particular objectives. Especially, the training is provided under different projects or programs. The projects and programs arrange training according to their own policies. Training program provides overall support in this respect. The mentionable training courses are: training for medical assistants of health program, training for teachers of ECDP, training for ENRICH program staffs, training on information-technology and so on.

Third-party Training: Many institutions or organizations organize trainings on their determined courses in SSS training centre. In this respect, training program provides overall support to the organization. This kind of training is mainly arranged under the instruction of PKSF and other donor organizations.

Result Review

The training program of SSS has been contributing properly to the creation and development of skilled human resources. The organization, its staffs and group members are getting both direct and indirect benefits from it. The mentionable achievements of the training program during 2016-17 are presented below:

Training held at the training centre: During 2016-17, a total of 2,355 officers and staffs of SSS received training under 117 batches at the training centre. The training courses were: basic training, group dynamism in poverty alleviation, savings and credit management training, group dynamism and entrepreneur development training, bookkeeping and financial management training, effective program management training, data entry training on MRA-protected national database of microcredit, Microfin360 software and so on.

A total of 741 field organizers, 75 senior field organizers, 405 assistant branch managers, 259 branch accountants, 330 branch managers, 57 area managers, 13 zone accountants, 13 zonal managers, 447 other staffs and 15 head office staffs attended the trainings.

Trainings at the field level: During the last fiscal year, a total of 5,058 group members of SSS were provided with training in 153 batches at the field level. Among them, 2,233 were micro-entrepreneurs, 1,274 group leaders and 1,551 general group members.

The training courses were: group dynamism and leadership development, entrepreneur development and business management, agriculture-fisheries-livestock development, vegetable and fruit cultivation, handicrafts and cottage industry, organic way vegetable cultivation, small businesses, direct services etc.

Other Trainings: During 2016-17, SSS provided training to 143 in five batches under different projects and programs. The training courses include: health, education, nutrition, ENRICH etc.