SEP Phase-out Workshop Held

A phase-out workshop of Sustainable Enterprise Project (SEP) of SSS was held at the Auditorium of Madhupur Upazila Parishad in Tangail. On 20 July 2020, SSS went to start up the project in Madhupur and Ghatail Upazilas of Tangail District through four branches with 1,200, beneficiaries financed by PKSF.

Mrs. Shamima Yasmin, UNO of Madhupur was present at the workshop as chief guest whereas Mr. Al Mamun Russell, Agriculture Officer of Madhupur Upazila spoke at as special guest, presided over by Mr. Pradeep Kumar Sarker, Project Manager of SEP (SSS). Pineapple farmers, local dignitaries, staff members of SEP and different sections of SSS were present as well.



Mentioned, SSS kept up the sub-project–Improvement of Pineapple Qualities of Madhupur Zone through Good Agricultural Practices under SEP in implementation on 20 July 2020. In accordance with the direction of PKSF, the aforesaid project will be phased out in January 2024.

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