HRD & Admin

Mahbubul Hoque Bhuiyan, Director, HRD & Admin

Human Resources and Admin Department, one of the most important divisions of the organization, has been playing a vital role to achieve the organizational vision and mission centric objectives through invigorating the workforces, performances, disciplines, office and resource (assets and inventory) safety, resources development, procurement of logistics in right time, proper quality, fare and price, leadership, sustainability and productivity, where royal beneficiaries and loyal employees with merit, dexterity and motivation, vibrant work ambient, IT involvement for easy running, sound health and leadership, economy, efficiency, effectiveness and ethics in every-level are always existed–are the focused objectives of the department. The department goes toward the enrichment with the dexterous staff members headed by a director.

The major functions of the Human Resources and Admin Department:

  • To enhances the staff performance through orientation, training, and performance management.
  • To design and implement a variety of interventions for staff members to realize their potentials with professional competencies.
  • To put into implementation of staff management activities: staff recruitment, training, posting and assigning responsibilities, transfer, increment, appraisal, promotion, retirement and so on in right time.
  • The department also takes the responsibility to establish discipline, remove anomalies, put recommendations to the authority for the revision and review of the policies and pay scale, create leadership wherever necessary and encourage professional attitude.
  • To play a crucial role in decision making and in the emergency, lead the other departments of the organization.
  • To approve of the office logistic requisitions, circulate administrative related note and office circulars, provide logistics to the entire organization in accordance with the needs, make sure the activeness of equipments and machines, and in case of dysfunction of a machine, take initiatives to amend or replace it.
  • To maintain liaison with government officials and respective ministries, stakeholders and local authority and others, land registration, license updates, media etc. on behalf of the organization.
  • To develop the operational procedure for the support service staff and ensure overall safety and awareness.
  • To take special and appropriate care for the security of employees, assets, inventory, infrastructures, documentations, and utility and maintenance services–electricity, water, gas, telephone, lift, generator and the like.
  • To looks after the canteen and rest house management, inventory management, building and construction, protocol and reception management, foreign tour management, maintenance and land management, vehicle and transport management etc.