Nation-building through Eradicating Malnutrition (NEM) Program


Malnutrition, one of the indicators of poverty in developing countries, is a consistent barrier on the way of the development. In order to eradicate this continuous flow, building a nutrition-enriched nation has no alternative, where income and asset creation, knowledge limitations, healthcare, environmental conditions etcetera are closely integrated. From its development experience and innovation, SSS designed and financed to start implementation a program–Nation-building through Eradicating Malnutrition (NEM) program in 2012.


The vision of the NEM program is: to build up the nation through alleviating malnutrition following sustainable development approach from the society.


  • Ensuring the best use of assets and opportunities and pesticide-free food production through organic methods;
  • Making people habituated to have balanced diet and alleviating malnutrition;
  • Adopting both curative and preventive measures against diseases;
  • Providing financial and technical supports, creating employment and alleviating poverty;
  • Increasing awareness about nutrition and alleviating discrimination in food intake;
  • Creating public awareness to prevent early marriage and personal cleanliness;
  • Conducting disaster management and rehabilitation activities.


  • Identifying nutrition-level of the target families and providing proper treatment.
  • Making conscious about nutrition through meetings, workshops and nutrition camps.
  • Imparting the target families with applied knowledge on the quality of food and nutrition, production, preservation, recipe, preparation of nutritious foods at a lower cost and so on.
  • Conducting free medical camp, blood pressure check-up, blood groups identification, blood and diabetes test and so on activities regularly.
  • Distribution saplings of medicinal-quality-enriched vegetables and high-yielding fruit plants and crossbreed hen free-of-cost among the target people to ensure nutritious food intake.
  • Providing financial and technical supports to the target people to set up vegetable and fruit gardens, livestock farms, organic and pesticide-free food production and so on commercially.